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Care News Winter – Spring 2018

Care News Winter-Spring 2018 is Here!

Care News is TriageLogic’s semi-annual publication highlighting articles on triage software, best practices in nurse triage, new trends in healthcare, and recent developments in telemedicine.

In this issue, Drs. Charu and Ravi Raheja discuss how TriageLogic continues to innovate triage software and services to provide your patients with easy access to quality care. TriageLogic is always working to serve our doctors and their patients with the best quality nurse triage service and tools to manage patient calls and keep patients healthy.

This edition of Care News also includes exciting announcements such as the release of new features for myTriageChecklist and the ability to integrate nurse triage software with Salesforce. These upgrades in TriageLogic’s triage software makes it easier for providers to document patient calls and improves the patient experience. You can also read more about TriageLogic’s new partnership with Baptist Health to provide post-op follow-up calls from nurses to patients who have been discharged after surgery at Lyerly Neurosurgery.

In this issue, you also get an introduction to Chrissie Pattison, the Sales Manager for Continuwell. Find out what led her to join the TriageLogic Group and where she plans to take its latest product Continuwell. You can also read an informative case study based on a call that a TriageLogic nurse took. Because of her training and the TriageLogic protocols, she was able to ask the right questions in order to find out the odd and potentially harmful cause of one worried man’s symptoms.

Be sure the check out our 2018 Winter-Spring edition of Care News to stay in the know about what is going on with TriageLogic and the telehealth field. Subscribe to our blog to get TriageLogic updates throughout the year.

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CEO Perspective

Fulfilling Our Promise of Nurse Triage Innovation

Happy 2018! The new year is usually a time of reflection as well as looking to the future. As I reflect on our company’s existing product lines and the new offerings for 2018, I am excited about serving our doctors and their patients with the best quality nurse triage service and tools to manage patient calls and keep patients healthy.

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Letter from the Medical Director

Providing the Best Telephone Triage Software, Service, and Patient Access to Care 

2018 is here! And in this time of looking forward to the new year, I’d like to revisit why we started TriageLogic, how we defined our purpose to lead the field of nurse triage and remote access to health, and how we continue fulfilling our promise by innovating and leading in quality and affordable solutions.

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Employee Spotlight – Chrissie Pattison Continuwell Sales Manager 

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight, we are introducing Chrissie Pattison, the Continuwell sales manager.  Chrissie met TriageLogic’s founders Charu and Ravi Raheja at a mutual friend’s birthday party. They struck up a conversation that led to what they did at TriageLogic. Chrissie was instantly interested since she had been married to a physician and understood how taking calls affected doctors’ lives.

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New MyTriageChecklist Features 

TriageLogic is introducing the latest version of MyTriageChecklist®, our daytime telephone nurse triage software to triage and document patient phone calls. TriageLogic customers will still have all of the features and clinical support that they rely on from the previous version, including Schmitt-Thompson protocols, integration with existing EMR systems, and a clinical nurse manager to train all users. This upgrade includes new features with data analytics reports and the ability for providers to customize the care instructions their nurses give during triage calls.

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Integrate Nurse Triage Software with Salesforce

TriageLogic Partners with Silverline to Integrate Nurse Triage Software with Salesforce

JACKSONVILLE, FL (November 03, 2017) TriageLogic©, in partnership with Silverline, is excited to introduce a Salesforce integrated version of their nurse triage module at Dreamforce 2017. With MyTriageChecklist© for Salesforce, the new comprehensive triage module, patient and/or medical call centers with Salesforce or considering Salesforce can seamlessly add nurse triage protocols into the core interaction with patients.

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CASE STUDY: Triage Nurse Speeding Diagnosis of Patient Symptoms by Asking the Right Questions

Telephone nurse triage plays a critical role in making sure that patients are given the correct level of care when they call. This requires following strict guidelines established through Schmitt-Thompson protocols, in which the nurse asks certain questions beginning with the most emergent symptoms. In some cases, a nurse will go above and beyond a typical triage call and we will highlight them as a Nurse Hero. We highlight the work of Tina, a triage nurse who was able to go beyond standard protocols and figure out the reason why a patient was having the symptoms he called about. This allowed the patient to get the quick intervention he needed to save his health. It was because Tina, a TriageLogic nurse, knew exactly what questions to ask that she became one of our Nurse Hero.

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TriageLogic to Provide Post-Op Follow-up Calls to Baptist Health Neurosurgery Patients 

TriageLogic® has teamed up with Baptist Health to provide post-op follow-up calls from nurses to patients who have been discharged after surgery for stroke or other conditions from Lyerly Neurosurgery, part of the Baptist Stroke & Cerebralvascular Center.

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Learning Center

Risks in Telephone Triage Care: A New Learning Center Course

Introducing the next course in TriageLogic’s Learning Center, Risks in Telephone Triage. This course will examine the various risks that providers need to consider when triage nurses evaluate patients over the phone. These risks include delay of care, not following protocols, practicing outside the scope of nursing, and improper documentation.

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