myTriageChecklist: Telephone Triage Software and Protocols

TriageLogic myTriageChecklist®

The essential telephone triage software to manage your daytime patient calls

        • How it Works

          • Patient calls—nurse enters symptom “keywords” to quickly access correct protocol
          • Nurse uses protocol checklist to ask all the right questions and direct patient to appropriate level of care
          • As the nurse handles the call, the telephone triage system documents all the details—it’s that easy
        • Key Features

          • Gold Standard Protocols from Schmitt-Thompson
          • Works with paper charts or EMR
          • Web based
          • Up and running in 30 minutes
        • Additional Benefits

          • Unlimited training by a nurse manager
          • Better technology
          • No hidden fees
          • Free access to the Triage Nurse Learning Center

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Why our clients love this product

Consistent telephone assessment and care advice

myTriageChecklist® telephone triage software helps nurses deliver consistent and thorough documentation of every call, regardless of which staff member answers or at what time of day.

Simple, reliable, web-based solution

Nursing staff can download and start using myTriageChecklist® telephone triage software in 30 minutes or less. No hardware or IT support needed. Free live demos and training are available, and full support is included for as little as $20 per month; no long-term commitment required.

TriageLogic myTriageChecklist® works with your existing EMR

Call documentation can easily be printed or transferred to your existing EMR system, which also helps ensure HIPAA compliance.

Valuable staff training and improved patient care

Telephone triage protocols are also a training tool for new nurses, helping them get up to speed with minimal time investment from senior nursing staff.


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