Clinical Triage Call Center Platforms

TriageLogic Transforms Existing Patient Management Systems and EHRs into Clinical Triage Call Center Platforms

Letter from the Medical Director Dr. Ravi Raheja

Around the same time as electronic medical records (EMRs) were starting to get popular, triage systems had started to emerge.  These triage systems worked like simple EMRs to collect and store patient data from telephone triage encounters. The unique feature of these triage systems was that they had symptom-based protocols embedded to assist the nurse in making a reproducible decision about the appropriate level of care.  These legacy systems were needed because most organizations did not have their own electronic medical record and it was not possible to embed triage protocols into other systems.

Fast forward to 2018 where many major healthcare systems and insurance companies are providing centralized call centers and want to add clinical triage capabilities. However, each organization has already invested millions into their own patient management and documentation system. They are reluctant to purchase another free-standing triage system that would require additional IT support as well as add exposure to patient PHI that is stored in those systems.

TriageLogic recognized this trend several years ago and built a free standing protocol module that was able to add triage capabilities to any existing EMR. Recently, we released a new enhanced version, myTriageChecklist Call Center Version, that adds enhanced capabilities to make any EMR a robust triage call center without accessing or storing any PHI. The enhanced version takes all the critical elements from a free-standing triage system, such as the Schmitt-Thompson protocols, and incorporates them to provide a similar experience to a full call center platform.

One of the unique features that no other vendor provides is our custom workflows. MyTriageChecklist Call Center Version allows organizations to create custom workflows, scripting, and protocols based on each client or location that they provide service for. This feature empowers the nurses to follow specific instructions during the call to provide personalized and efficient care.

There is also a full administrative panel to self-manage the information in real time as changes are needed. A reporting dashboard gives deep insights into call center metrics, such as presenting symptoms, number of calls and outcomes for billing, QA, and ROI calculation.

As many health centers look to add a clinical capability to their call centers or replace more expensive legacy systems, they now have a turnkey plug-in module available with TriageLogic’s myTriageChecklist Call Center Version. If you are interested in adding this robust triage module contact us to set up a demo and see if our new product will meet your needs.


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