Nurse Triage On Call

Engage your patients with 24/7 access to an experienced, compassionate registered triage nurse who works as an extension of your organization.  

Document all calls. Add your custom preferences. Ensure appropriate care advice.

Our Triage Nurses Engage Your Patients

How It Works

Key Features

Special Features

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Provider – can access patient info on their smartphone without the need to download an app. Triage Nurse can send text messages with patient info securely to “on call” provider’s smart phone.

PHI bypasses public networks – All patient data remains within secure TriageLogic environment.

Delivery Confirmation – Our smart software tracks when MDs pick up their messages.

Our intuitive on-call scheduling system enables each practice to manage and change their own call schedule in real time. No more faxing schedule changes and calling in last minute switches. Each provider profile has their preferred method of contact if a nurse needs to reach them.

TriageLogic is able to provide secure, HIPAA-compliant, two-way communication between your practice EMR and our nurse triage software.

With this optional module you will have enhanced capabilities including:

Real-time, paperless information: your practice will be able to bypass any manual steps to add the triage encounter into your EMR.

Smarter Triage: Our nurses can get a brief medical summary from your EMR in a secure standardized format. This helps with chronically ill patients and helps patients feel like the nurse is a true extension of your office.

This easy, interactive portal gives your practice the ability to get detailed information on number of calls, patient dispositions, call time averages, and much more.

“TriageLogic has a formal HIPAA Security and Compliance training program for all of its employees to go through on a regular basis. All HIPAA and Security policies are documented and included in the training program. We also perform detailed Risk Assessments that follow the methodology described in NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-30 Revision 1” – Matt Price – TriageLogic CIO

Nurse Triage On Call Reviews

The patients were correctly dispositioned and the triager guided them based on the information given on the call. When the patient followed the advice given to follow up with PCP, they shared additional information. At that point they were guided for in-person evaluation at one of the COVID-19 tent sites with successful discovery of a cardiac arrhythmia and was admitted for observation and monitoring. I thought this was a good example for awareness of the positive difference TriageLogic is making for the callers, and to continue to advocate for patients to consider care via telehealth or seek evaluation in person at one of the COVID-19 tent sites when anything is beyond very minor/self-care/PCP.


Service: A commitment to customer service and features not available anywhere else

Reliability: Over 10 years of nurse triage service to more than 9,000 physicians

Research: PhD and MD on staff; custom reporting and data features available

Custom Orders: Physicians give our nurses their own personal instructions to implement after a call

Harry A Lehman, III, MD

When I lost my cross coverage with another group, I didn’t know what to do. Finding TriageLogic literally saved the day. With confident nighttime call coverage, I could focus my efforts on my office and know that my patients were being cared for day and night!

Free Access to nurses encourages usage. Our nurses assist 3 out of every 4 patients without the need for a telemedicine Doctor or primary care visit, further reducing cost.

Outcomes From Calls

Outstanding care: Our nurses use standardized, doctor written guidelines to assess each patient.

Effective: 1 out of every 2 callers is able to use over-the-counter medication and receive home care advice by the nurse, with no further treatment needed.

Full treatment plan: After going over the caller’s symptoms and past medical history, nurses determine a care plan for the caller and provide care advice.

Decreased health expenses: Only 1 out of every 4 callers needs to be further evaluated by a doctor for a prescription or additional care.

Continuity: Callers have the option to see their own primary care doctors if the symptoms are not urgent.

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