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TriageLogic specializes in building custom telehealth solutions for medical practices, hospitals, health plans, call centers and other organizations.

From nurse triage services to cutting-edge software and remote patient monitoring, TriageLogic leverages practical experience, critical research, and a deep understanding of the field to deliver telehealth excellence.

Our engagement solutions not only enhance patient health and satisfaction but also drive a measurable increase in ROI.

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Ensure patients get appropriate advice every time with a 24/7 registered nurse that represents you.

Build Loyalty and Trust – A clinical call center available 24/7 for everyone, everywhere.

Empower people and communities with trusted solutions to achieve better health.

After implementation, we noticed patient complaints dropped and our clinical staff was happier with how we coordinated patient inquiries. The process keeps our patients out of the emergency room and in our offices the next day. After-hours nurse support line improved how we support patients when our main provider offices are closed and enhanced our practice’s quality controls.
Dr. Leah J. Treadwell
Austin Regional Clinic