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TriageLogic is a URAC-accredited, physician-led provider of top-quality nurse telehealth technology, mobile applications, and medical call center solutions, all with the purpose of encouraging positive patient behavior and improving access to healthcare. Founded in 2006, the TriageLogic Group now serves more than 9,000 physicians and covers over 20 million lives nationwide. They continue to partner with private practices, hospitals, and corporations throughout the U.S.

Harry A Lehman, III, MD

When I lost my cross coverage with another group, I didn’t know what to do. Finding TriageLogic literally saved the day. With confident nighttime call coverage, I could focus my efforts on my office and know that my patients were being cared for day and night!


TriageLogic Assists Union County COVID-19 Hotline by Screening Patients and Connecting them to Physicians


Multnomah County Health Department uses TriageLogic to Streamline Patient Calls and Save Unnecessary ER visits


TriageLogic Announces the Implementation of Nurse Triage Call Center Software for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Nurse Triage On Call Reviews

Recently, my father (age 80s, history old MI and DM) experienced new onset upper abdominal pain that radiated to his back. My sister, a nurse, called me on the 2nd day of symptoms and informed me that she could not get him to go the ED since he was afraid of being exposed to coronavirus. However, he agreed to my triaging his symptoms from Triage Logic and I read the following disposition to him: 1) upper abdominal pain lasting more than 10 minutes and greater than 50- GO TO ED NOW 2) upper abdominal pain lasting more than 10 minutes and greater than 40 with associated upper back pain GO TO ED NOW 3) upper abdominal pain lasting more than 10 minutes and greater than 35 with 1 cardiac risk factor GO TO ED NOW 4) upper abdominal pain lasting more than 10 minutes and history of heart disease GO TO ED NOW All 4 applied to dad! So without hesitation, he said "I guess I'll go to the ED!" And it was a good thing that he did. He was found to have an infected gallbladder needing IV antibiotics and surgery. In addition, he was found to need two cardiac stents and repair of aortic stenosis. I am so thankful that this service is available! It probably saved my father from serious complications due to delay of care!

The patients were correctly dispositioned and the triager guided them based on the information given on the call. When the patient followed the advice given to follow up with PCP, they shared additional information. At that point they were guided for in-person evaluation at one of the COVID-19 tent sites with successful discovery of a cardiac arrhythmia and was admitted for observation and monitoring. I thought this was a good example for awareness of the positive difference TriageLogic is making for the callers, and to continue to advocate for patients to consider care via telehealth or seek evaluation in person at one of the COVID-19 tent sites when anything is beyond very minor/self-care/PCP.

After implementation, we noticed that patient complaints dropped and our clinical staff was happier with how we coordinated patient inquiries. The process keeps our patients out of the emergency room and in our offices the next day. Clearly, the after-hours nurse support line improved how we support patients when our main provider offices are closed and also enhanced our practice’s quality controls as well.

I have been using Nurse Triage for the past 6 months and they are wonderful. You have to set up orders on the front end, for the nurses, but it is well worth the effort. The calls are elevated to an RN, depending on your wishes. They take care of 90% of calls, depending on how you want to set it up. Patient satisfaction is great, too. Each morning, I receive an email of every call, if any, that came in the night before and how it was handled, which is simply copied and pasted into the EMR. No more refills for antibiotic ear drops on the weekends! They are out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Google Reviews

“TriageLogic has a wonderful team. They’re very innovative and hands on. Definitely recommend for any practice.” – Sebastian C.

“TriageLogic is incredibly helpful – and they are always innovating their products. Awesome company.” – Amber H.

“TriageLogic is a great company. The staff is friendly and very helpful and the nurses are great with patients!” – Alex H.

“Brilliant service to help with health care diagnosis and concerns.” – Molly Y.

“Great place to work. Very hands on! The Learning Center is a great place to read articles, take free courses and interact with others in the telehealth field.” – Marci L.

“Fantastic work experience and the satisfaction of helping people in making the right choice for their healthcare concerns using standardized protocols with designated outcomes.” – Jane W.

“Love working for TriageLogic!” – Lou Ann B.

My Triage Checklist® Reviews

After implementing Office Triage Solution (myTriageChecklist), we noticed improved nurse productivity and job satisfaction, along with increased standardization in the way calls are being processed in our office. The technology is simply a ‘win-win’ for everyone.

I love the ease of it all.

I love the TriageLogic software!

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Response time to my calls are very prompt. The nurses are so helpful.
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My patient's parents are really enjoying your services.
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TriageLogic is so easy to work with.
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I can ask for assistance and know it will be addressed.

Everyone is so helpful. The nursing staff goes out of the way to assist with practice problems or concerns. It's good to have a contact person to go when I need help.

We really appreciate the fact that you enter our call schedule on a timely fashion.

The nurses are so helpful when we have a staff meeting or have to close due to the weather.

We love your services. The nurses are great. If any problem arises we know it will be addressed.