How can we help you manage your patient calls?

Our web-based software is easy to learn and provides robust reports. It also has an option for a mobile application for patients to contact the nurses.

URAC accredited 24/7 experienced registered nurses assist patients using Schmitt-Thompson protocols and your custom orders.

Our easy to use electronic checklist ensures your nurses ask the right questions and allow you to document patient phone calls. Free unlimited training by a Nurse Manager.

Our mission is to continue to lead the field of nurse triage. We commit our expertise, compassion and reliability to services that exceed expectations of medical professionals and their patients.

How can we help you manage your patient calls?

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is to be the best in class in everything nurse triage. We use protocols established by the leading authorities in pediatric and adult phone triage care – Bart Schmitt, MD and David Thompson, MD. Our URAC accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality.

Proprietary Telemedicine Technology

Our proprietary call center software platform is designed by doctors, nurses and PhD’s based on their practical experience in telephone medicine, nurse triage and business.

Knowledge and Expertise

TriageLogic provides nurse triage software and services to thousands of physicians nationwide. We have a team of experts including PhD and MDs that study data, publish articles in best practices for improved patient care, nursing, and return on investment. We publish articles and videos about the practice of nurse triage.

Custom Solutions

We create leading edge telephone medicine technology based on practical experience and a thorough understanding of the field. We offer comprehensive after-hours nurse triage services and innovative web-based telephone triage software systems for use in both institutional and private healthcare practice settings.

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From Triagelogic Blog
Using Telephone Triage to Prevent Suicide

Using Telephone Triage Services to Prevent Suicide

Telephone triage nurses play a critical role in suicide prevention. They serve as the first point of contact for callers in need of immediate assistance.  The more knowledgeable triage nurses are about treating patients with mental illnesses, the better they are prepared to intervene. According to the CDC, approximately 123 Americans die by suicide every day and the stigma associated with mental illnesses often prevents

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Benefits of Telephone Triage Nurse

The Benefits of a Nurse Triage Solution

Phones still remain an essential means of communication with medical practices. Physician practices have to continue to find efficient ways to incorporate it into the patient-doctor relationship and take advantage of all the other opportunities that a solution like TriageLogic offers. Physician practices that can efficiently and effectively take their patient’s calls and address their issues up front have an opportunity to create a positive

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Secure Texting: Closing the Gap to Create Effective HIPAA Compliant Communication

Once a triage nurse has done an initial evaluation on a patient there are times when the protocol or circumstances require a physician to get involved. In these instances, it is critical for the nurse to get in touch with the provider on call for the practice to securely and effectively communicate the needs of the patient and requires relaying protected health information securely. Traditionally,

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The Crucial Role Triage Nurses Play In Educating Adults About Serious Medical Symptoms

The Crucial Role Triage Nurses Play In Educating Adults About Serious Medical Symptoms

When a medical emergency happens, not everyone calls 911. In a surprising study of patient surveys and disposition outcomes from telephone triage case, as many as one third of adult callers underestimated the seriousness of their symptoms. Even when adults have a sense that their symptom may be serious, there is a stigma of calling for an ambulance. Fortunately, having a triage nurse available increases

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Using Telephone Triage to Reduce Heart Attacks in Women

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women, yet many patients do not realize that they may have heart attack symptoms. Women often delay seeking medical attention. Denial is a common first reaction. No one wants to think that the symptoms they are having could be a life-altering heart condition that frequently needs surgery. Telephone triage nurses must know the warning signs to help

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TriageLogic Recognized for Innovation by Entrepreneur 360

Triagelogic was recently named as one of the 2018 Entrepreneurs of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine. Each year, Entrepreneur recognizes organizations from across the country that have mastered the art and science of growing a business. Entrepreneur magazine conducted a nationwide search to find the most entrepreneurial companies in the country, rating and ranking them using a proprietary algorithm that factors in their ability to expertly balance impact, innovation,

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