TriageLogic IT Support

TriageLogic is committed to the highest level of support. Our support staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you with an emergency.

Before contacting support, please see some helpful hints below:

  • You are UNABLE TO LOGIN: You are able to get to the login screen but are unable to access the system.

    Verify your username and password are correct. You can reset your password yourself whenever you want – if you need help, this video will show you how to instantly reset your password. If the system is not able to reset your password, please contact your call center supervisor. For security reasons, your supervisor will have to contact TriageLogic support to reset your password.

  • The Website is UNAVAILABLE: You are not able to get to the login screen – you get a blank page and no login window.

    1 – Verify that you have the correct TriageLogic web address from your supervisor.

    2 – Try to access the BACKUP server. TriageLogic provides a primary server and a mirror image backup server. Your call center supervisor will provide you with the backup server web address. Contact your call center supervisor to let them know what you are experiencing. They will contact support once they verify the situation.

TriageLogic Software Support

In order to maintain optimal uninterrupted patient services for our clients, TriageLogic maintains a primary server and a mirror image backup server.

Our clients have access to our secure self password reset feature by entering their username, phone number, and zip code.

If you still need assistance, we are here to help !!

For Non-urgent IT support please email

For Urgent support please call 1-855-U-TRIAGE (855-887-4243).