Ebooks, White Papers and
Patient Programs Checklist

Are you interested in learning about remote patient care and telephone nurse triage? Take a look at the free resources that are available below, including:
· Ebooks that discuss nurse triage, remote patient monitoring, and training for medical message intake.
· White papers that review the impact of COVID-19 on patient behavior, as well as data recorded from nurse triage call centers.
· Checklists that evaluate programs for nurse triage, remote patient monitoring, and other remote health care.
You can also access additional video tutorials in our Nurse Triage Learning Center.

Telephone Nurse Triage Handbook

This ebook discusses the history and technological advancements of nurse triage, specifically in the context of telephone medicine. Nurse triage is a method of prioritizing

The cover of TriageLogic's ebook, Patient Symptoms & Outcomes.

Patient Symptoms & Outcomes

This article discusses a study on the dispositions given to patients by triage nurses in a medical call center. It focuses on the differences in


This ebook discusses outcomes from a study on a telephone nurse triage system used during the COVID-19 pandemic. It reviews caller demographics, triage protocols, and

Evaluating a Nurse Triage Program

Whether you use an outsourced nurse triage service or you want to license software and use your own team, follow this checklist to ensure your system complies with all

Evaluating a Medical Call Center

Are you thinking about outsourcing your patient calls and medical answering services to a medical call center? Use this checklist to make sure that the