Tools for Nurses to Triage Patients Efficiently and Document all Calls and Dispositions. Ensure Appropriate Care Advice Every Time.

TriageLogic offers innovative tools for nurses that provide quick information and easy documentation, allowing triage nurses to continue using their decision making process and  delivering exceptional patient care.

All these tools run in the background and allow triage nurses to be efficient and focus on the patient.

  1. MedMessage Assist
  2. Protocols Assist
  3. Training Assist
  4. History Assist and Safety Assist
  5. Quality Assurance Assist

1. Med Message Assist: This tool is designed to help nonclinical operators take more accurate messages. By utilizing intelligent medical scripting, Med Message Assist guides operators to ask the right questions, ensuring you receive clear and detailed information to inform your decisions better.

2. Protocol Assist: We take pride in our partnership with Barton Schmitt and David Thompson’s Clinical Content, seamlessly integrating their reputable content into our innovative triage software. If you’re using EPIC or another triage protocol system, inquire how we can collaborate with your existing setup. Add protocols to your existing electronic medical records and be up and running in minutes

3. Training Assist: We believe continuous learning is essential for maintaining the highest level of patient care. Training Assist uses advanced simulation technology to provide a safe and engaging environment for nurses to hone their skills, practice new techniques, and learn from real-life scenarios. 

4. History Assist: Accurate patient history is crucial in making informed decisions. History Assist supports nurses in gathering comprehensive patient information and documenting it efficiently. This allows you to spend more time on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

5. Safety Assist: We understand that even the most experienced triage nurses may occasionally overlook critical information. Safety Assist monitors the data you have collected and alerts you if an urgent disposition might have been missed. This allows you to confirm your decision, ensuring patient safety remains the top priority.

6. QA Assist: Quality assurance is an essential aspect of nursing care. QA Assist evaluates the decisions made during every call, comparing them to proper protocol and disposition utilization. This gives the QA team more comprehensive data, helping identify improvement areas and celebrating successes. 

“These modules are designed to complement your nursing expertise, not replace it. By offering additional information, guidance, and support, our tools empower triage nurses to make more informed decisions and provide the best possible care to your patients. We are excited to be part of your journey toward excellence in nursing! – Ravi Raheja, MD

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TriageLogic is always looking for motivated, compassionate, and detail-oriented team members who are interested in joining our clinical and nonclinical team in our call center operations. As part of our nurse triage team, you’ll utilize gold standard protocols developed by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson to guide your interactions with patients and determine the severity of their symptoms. You’ll help them understand their dispositions for care, then share that documentation with an existing organization’s EMR using our proprietary nurse triage software.

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