Providers: Engage Patients 24/7 - Ensure Appropriate Advice Every Time

Provide your patients 24/7 access to a call center of registered triage nurses who represent you.

  • All dispositions made using Schmitt-Thompson protocols.

  • Custom instructions allow nurses to become an extension of your practice.

  • Nurses send HIPAA-compliant texts to your MDs.

  • All calls documented for your nurses and doctors to review.

  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention through follow-up with your practice.

When I lost my cross coverage with another group, I didn't know what to do. Finding TriageLogic literally saved the day. With confident nighttime call coverage, I could focus my efforts on my office and know that my patients were being cared for day and night!
Harry A Lehman, III
MD Pediatrician in Delaware 

MyTriageChecklist uses industry-standard protocols so nurses provide consistent, appropriate care on every patient call.

  • Updated triage protocols from Drs. Schmitt and Thompson.
  • All patient calls and interactions documented.
  • Free training by our nurse director for your nurses.
Barton Schmitt of Schmitt-Thompson Protocols
David Thompson of Schmitt-Thompson Protocols

Designed by doctors, for doctors.

After implementing the Office Triage Solution (MyTriageChecklist), we noticed improved nurse productivity and job satisfaction, along with increased standardization in the way calls are being processed in our office. The technology is simply a ‘win-win’ for everyone.
Dr. Adam Naddelman
Princeton Nassau Pediatrics

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Ensure you receive accurate medical messages from your front desk

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“Some patients may call saying that they need a prescription refill and fail to mention they have more serious symptoms. If the front desk doesn’t specifically ask, the provider may assume it is a routine priority call. MedMessage Assist prompts the service staff to ask a few additional relevant questions, and ensures that the intake better reflects the severity of the symptoms.”
Rose Moon
Rose Moon, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing

Set up a program to help your patients and increase practice revenue without the extra work.

  • Calls use standard protocols and orders specific to your devices.

  • Options for clinical or nonclinical staff to monitor your patients and devices 24/7.

  • All calls documented for quality assurance.

  • A medical director oversees your program.

  • Program software can be licensed to your nurses.

“Improve Patient Care While Increasing Revenue”
- Ravi Raheja, MD