Decrease healthcare costs with our trusted, customizable solutions for your business.

With so many healthcare choices, how do people decide what level of care is best for them? How do people know if they have an emergency?

Provide a Complete Solution that Ensures Appropriate Dispositions
Every Time to Every Patient

Set up a program to improve population health. Healthier, happier patients lead to fewer ER readmissions.

  • Standardized protocols and customized orders specific to chronic care.
  • 24/7 clinical or nonclinical staff options available to monitor your patients and their devices.
  • A medical director oversees your program and ensures high patient care.
  • Program software can be licensed to your nurses.

Easy to use and train so that all calls are handled efficiently with the most appropriate care advice.

  • Uses standardized protocols to ensure consistent, proper care on every call.
  • All calls documented for nurses and doctors to review.
  • Customized instructions available depending on care resources.
  • Free training available from our nurse director.

TriageLogic Announces the Implementation of Nurse Triage Call Center Software for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Do you want to make it easier for patients to access nurses and other health information?
Learn more about our customizable mobile app solution.

Educate your members and decrease healthcare expenses by providing patients 24/7 access to registered nurses.

  • All dispositions made using Schmitt-Thompson protocols.
  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention through follow-up from their provider.
  • All calls documented for nurses and doctors to review.
  • Customizable instructions available.
  • Documents shareable between providers.
  • Mobile application available.

Multnomah County Health Department uses TriageLogic to Streamline Patient Calls and Save Unnecessary ER visits

Move the needle on health equity by providing access to a compassionate, affordable healthcare professional who listens, evaluates symptoms, and provides appropriate guidance.

We provide outcomes from a study we conducted through a telehealth system by discussing caller demographics, protocols used, patient outcomes, and general changes in patient behavior due to the pandemic.

Our study includes data on differences in gender behavior, commonly missed symptoms in adults, and a comparison to results taken pre-COVID.