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The best telehealth technology for your organization, customized to fit your needs. 

Do you want to provide your community with  24/7 access to an experienced, registered triage nurse that represents your organization and your doctors?

  • Gold standard protocols from Schmitt-Thompson
  • Ensure patients get the most appropriate care for their symptoms
  • Custom instructions by practice
  • HIPAA – compliant texting – nurse can securely text MD’s
  • Document all calls 
  • Ensure patients follow up
  • Decrease unnecessary ER utilization
After implementation, we noticed patient complaints dropped and our clinical staff was happier with how we coordinated patient inquiries. The process keeps our patients out of the emergency room and in our offices the next day. After-hours nurse support line improved how we support patients when our main provider offices are closed and enhanced our practice’s quality controls.
Dr. Leah J. Treadwell
Austin Regional Clinic

Do you want a clinical call center? Then consider adding triage protocols to your existing patient management system or getting a full stand-alone software managed by our team.   

  • Protocols for daytime, nights, and weekends
  • Web-based; no installation required
  • Free training by our nurse director for your nurses
  • Email/text handouts
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Option for a reporting portal, custom workflows, and dispositions

TriageLogic Announces the Implementation of Nurse Triage Call Center Software for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Do you want to make it easier for patients to access your EMR and patient portal?
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Relay more accurate medical messages, improve medical service requests and decrease operator training time

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Elevate your patient care with MedMessage Assist™! These are real cases in which MedMessage Assist prompted phone operators to ask patients additional questions, unveiling critical symptoms and ensuring accurate medical messages. See the impact on initial complaints, insights gained, and positive outcomes.

MedMessage Assist™ Examples

Initial Entry by the Operator

Additional Information Added by MedMessage Assist

Patient Disposition by
Triage Nurse

Back and stomach pain

Patient is pregnant, with No urination for 8+ hours

Go to Labor and Delivery Now

Pain in leg and hip

Chest pain

Call EMS 911 Now

Prescription refill for vertigo

Possible weakness or numbness of the arm, leg or face

Call EMS 911 Now

Do you want to decrease the cost of managing patients with chronic health conditions? Fewer in-office visits for patients with chronic health conditions can increase your capacity for other types of office visits. We support your team and decrease the burden on your practitioners by keeping track of the data from patients enrolled in RPM.

  • Standardized and customized orders specific to your devices
  • Document all patient calls
  • 24/7 clinical or non-clinical staff to monitor the patient and device
  • A medical director on staff to oversee program for you
  • Option to license the software for your nurses
"Improve Patient Care While Increasing Revenue"
Ravi Raheja, MD