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MedMessage Assist: Relay Accurate Information

How does it work?

How It Works

Key Features

Special Features


  • MMA augments about 35% of initial messages to get the provider relevant symptoms
  • MMA indicates the urgency in over 99% of calls that end up being a 911 or urgent disposition
  • Improves accuracy and consistency regardless of operator experience or training.

Med Message assist is an Augmented Intelligence-based module developed by a physician

You send a more accurate message

Integrates easily with your existing answering service to provide a seamless experience 

WHAT DOES MedMessage Assist not do?
MMA does not collect or store PHI
MMA does not allow non-clinical operators to make medical  decisions

"We are excited that we are now able to talk more accurate messages without extra training for the staff."
Jason Miller

Elevate your patient care with MedMessage Assist™! These are real cases in which MedMessage Assist prompted phone operators to ask patients additional questions, unveiling critical symptoms and ensuring accurate medical messages. See the impact on initial complaints, insights gained, and positive outcomes.

MedMessage Assist™ Examples

Initial Entry by the Operator

Additional Information Added by MedMessage Assist

Patient Disposition by
Triage Nurse

Back and stomach pain

Patient is pregnant, with No urination for 8+ hours

Go to Labor and Delivery Now

Pain in leg and hip

Chest pain

Call EMS 911 Now

Prescription refill for vertigo

Possible weakness or numbness of the arm, leg or face

Call EMS 911 Now

Initial complaint: I need a prescription refill for vertigo


After MMA: I need a prescription refill for vertigo: the patient is having weakness of arm, leg, of face


Decrease Liability and Train Faster

TriageLogic medial answering services offering remote patient care

Are Your Providers Looking for Nurse Telehealth?

  • All dispositions made using Schmitt-Thompson protocols. 
  • Custom instructions allow nurses to become an extension of your practice.
  • Nurses send HIPAA-compliant texts to your MDs.
  • URAC accredited.