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MedMessage Assist: Relay Accurate Information

How does it work?

How It Works

Key Features

Special Features


  • MMA augments about 35% of initial messages to get the provider relevant symptoms
  • MMA indicates the urgency in over 99% of calls that end up being a 911 or urgent disposition
  • Improves accuracy and consistency regardless of operator experience or training.

Med Message assist is an Augmented Intelligence-based module developed by a physician

You send a more accurate message

Integrates easily with your existing answering service to provide a seamless experience 

WHAT DOES MedMessage Assist not do?
MMA does not collect or store PHI
MMA does not allow non-clinical operators to make medical  decisions

"We are excited that we are now able to talk more accurate messages without extra training for the staff."
Jason Miller

Initial complaint: I need a prescription refill for vertigo


After MMA: I need a prescription refill for vertigo: the patient is having weakness of arm, leg, of face


Decrease Liability and Train Faster

TriageLogic medial answering services offering remote patient care

Are Your Providers Looking for Nurse Telehealth?

  • All dispositions made using Schmitt-Thompson protocols. 
  • Custom instructions allow nurses to become an extension of your practice.
  • Nurses send HIPAA-compliant texts to your MDs.
  • URAC accredited.