Call Center Version

Add triage protocols to your existing call
center patient management system

Looking to turn your current system in to a clinical call center? 

The myTriageChecklist – Call Center Version allows you to easily add triage protocols without buying a whole new system. With this module, you can provide your patients with quality care advice while improving call time averages. This module will convert an EMR into a clinical triage call center platform for 24/7 usage. This software includes additional triage protocols to cover patients whether the office is open or closed.

Gold Package

• Web-based – no installation required

• Training sessions with a triage expert

• 24/7 IT support

• Secure data centers

• Mirror image duplicate servers

• Built-in disaster recovery

• No PHI collected or stored

• Medication dosage charts

• Email/text Schmitt-Thompson handouts

• Email/text care advice

Platinum Package

Includes Gold Package plus:

• Reporting Portal 

• Custom Handouts 

• Custom Workflows 

• Custom Dispositions 

• Integration with Salesforce or Other EMR 

• Project Manager Support

Patient calls, the nurse enters symptom “keywords” to quickly access the correct protocol.

Nurse uses protocol checklist to ask all the right questions and direct patient to appropriate level of care.

As the nurse handles the call, the telephone triage system documents all the details. It’s that easy.

The Protocols: Includes over 650 adult and pediatric gold-standard Schmitt-Thompson protocols and is updated annually.

RAVI K. RAHEJA, MD – Medical Director & COO Founded in 2005, TriageLogic® is URAC accredited, physician-led provider of high-quality telephone nurse triage services, triage education, and software for telephone medicine. The TriageLogic Group serves over 9,000 physicians and covers over 25 million lives nationwide.

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