Call Center Solution: Best in Class Software

  • Secure, HIPAA Compliant Private Cloud
  • Intuitive Software
  • Physicians, Nurses and IT Experts support
  • Smart Phone App

We provide you with the platform and expertise for your call center

Your call center platform is only as strong as the team that builds and supports it. We offer web based APIs to communicate with other systems, HL7 integration for inbound ADT feeds and return results. We also provide customization to meet your facility’s unique needs.

Reliable web-based system.

TriageLogic Call Center Solutions is fully customizable to fit the size and needs of your facility.

Decreased training time for nursing staff.

Our Call Center Solution is so intuitive and user-friendly that most nurses can start using the software live with only eight hours of training and practice.

Thorough and accurate documentation.

Our technology incorporates efficient document logging with minimal typing. Extensive logging for accountability and reporting.

Robust Reporting.

The system provides a user-friendly interface of ad-hoc reporting.

Innovative healthcare partner.

Our diverse, expert team stays ahead of medical, IT, and finance needs to ensure ALL aspects of our products evolve with technology and medicine.

Competitive pricing.

Allows organizations to have access to the latest technology.

Remote monitoring of call volume & work flow.

Supervisors can assess call volume and triage staffing needs at all times.


HIPAA compliant, audited software and infrastructure.

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Our Nurse Experts:

Works with your organization to analyze current operations and build a custom Call Center Platform that fits your needs from our vast array of available features:

  • Schmitt Thompson Protocols
  • Integrated Physician On-Call Scheduling
  • HIPAA Compliant Texting
  • Secure Chat with Your Nursing Team
  • Ability to Email Patient Care Advice
  • Physician Custom Orders
  • Physician Portal with access to notes

Intuitive Software

Experienced nurses can learn how to use our platform in 8 hrs or less

Physicians, Nurses and IT Experts

We’re here to train and support your staff

Increase your accessibility with our smart phone app

Secure, HIPAA Compliant Private Cloud

Licensing Options

Choose the solution that best meets your facility’s needs

This comprehensive solution is fully hosted and maintained with 24/7 IT support. All data is stored in secure, state-of-the-art US data centers. We provide both a primary server and a mirror image backup server.

Unique to TriageLogic, you receive a fully installed solution, managed 24/7, INSIDE your organization’s network. This solution provides all the benefits of a fully hosted solution, with increased flexibility to connect to multiple systems, while meeting internal security requirements. It’s the ideal solution for larger organizations and it is very affordable.

This is a web-based electronic triage protocols system. Annual updates are included. This unique option is very cost-effective and available exclusively through TriageLogic. The essential package works with any existing electronic system. Integration is available.

TriageLogic Implements Nurse Triage Call Center Software for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta