You are currently viewing Employee Spotlight – Chrissie Pattison Continuwell Sales Manager

Employee Spotlight – Chrissie Pattison Continuwell Sales Manager

  Employee Spotlight – Chrissie Pattison Continuwell Sales Manager


In this edition of our Employee Spotlight, we are introducing Chrissie Pattison, the Continuwell sales manager.  Chrissie met TriageLogic’s founders Charu and Ravi Raheja at a mutual friend’s birthday party. They struck up a conversation that led to what they did at TriageLogic. Chrissie was instantly interested since she had been married to a physician and understood how taking calls affected doctors’ lives.

This was happening while TriageLogic’s latest product, Continuwell, was being developed. Chrissie thought that it seemed like an exciting new idea and they decided to keep in touch as they progressed with their launch.  When the time was right, she jumped to be onboard.

In the past year that Chrissie has been part of the TriageLogic Group team, her favorite part of the job has been getting to meet people and introducing them to what the Continuwell platform can do for communication and engagement.  “It’s a game-changer and I love being part of that! It’s wonderful to bring solutions to difficult organizational challenges and know in doing so we’ve made their lives better,” says Chrissie.

The biggest challenge she has with working at TriageLogic and Continuwell is getting time with hospital HR directors. “We all know that engaged employees improve company value. Giving employees 24/7 access to our independent triage nurses through the app also decreases the hospital’s own healthcare expenses.  But hospital managers are busy people and we have a solution that people don’t even know exists.” Chrissie is driven and she is aiming to introduce herself and meet with all of our current hospital clients in 2018 to determine if we can help them save on health expenses by implementing Continuwell, not to mention improve their employee morale.

She makes up for the time in the office and with clients by being active outside or on the water when she is not in the office. Some of her hobbies include going to the beach, kayaking, bike rides to the art market, boating, and CrossFit.  She also loves to make things and be creative, including water and acrylic painting, building things for her home, painting furniture, making furniture, and interior decorating. She also loves to travel. “My most recent trip was to Ireland in February.  I’ve also been lucky enough to go to Prague, London, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Paris, and Brussels. I can’t wait for what’s next!”

We are happy to have Chrissie Pattison as part of the team and as our Continuwell champion.


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