You are currently viewing Providing the Best Telephone Triage Software, Service, and Patient Access to Care

Providing the Best Telephone Triage Software, Service, and Patient Access to Care

 Providing the Best Telephone Triage Software, Service, and Patient Access to Care

2018 is here! And in this time of looking forward to the new year, I’d like to revisit why we started TriageLogic, how we defined our purpose to lead the field of nurse triage and remote access to health, and how we continue fulfilling our promise by innovating and leading in quality and affordable solutions.

Our Past

When I had moved into private practice back in 2001, I realized that triage services had become one of the key components of primary care — providing excellent documentation of after-hours calls as well as much-needed relief for on-call physicians. However, I noticed how triage systems were not optimized to be cost-effective and streamlined. There were several reasons for this, the increased cost of nursing, rising demand for the services, as well as technological challenges and workflows.

This is when Dr. Charu Raheja and I recognized a need for more efficient triage software and high-quality nurses to provide services for physicians and patients. Thus, TriageLogic was born. All these years later, we continue working as an extension of each physician’s practice by providing an easy solution for nurses to triage patients during the day (myTriageChecklist), giving access to on-call nurses when doctor offices are closed (Nurse Triage on Call), and licensing state of the art triage software for medical call centers and hospitals (Call Center Software Solutions). Dr. Charu Raheja’s business and academic background combined with my experience in technology and primary care led to the creation of one of the most sophisticated triage systems available today.

Our Future

In 2018, we are rolling out upgraded features to various products and releasing our My247Healthcare app to better improve communication between providers and patients. The My24/7Healthcare mobile application is designed to help you provide the continuous access to your office that the patients are expecting. We customize the mobile app for your practice, so patients can get your office information, easy link to their EMR portal and request nurse triage calls with a message. The mobile application is so customizable that we can even include links to your videos or any care-specific information so that the patients can easily access them without having to find the website address.

One of the most exciting new features we are implementing in 2018 is the data portal that can be integrated into our software. We have already released the reporting portal for myTriageChecklist and we will follow with similar reporting tools for Call Center Software, as well as for practices that use Nurse Triage on Call. This portal offers access to in-depth reports so you can easily evaluate and monitor your clinical patient phone calls. You can see in real time the results of patient calls, including protocols used, disposition, and outcomes. This new tool can help physicians and managers observe trends and help to improve the health of their patients and the efficiency of their telephone triage service.

TriageLogic is not just an IT company that provides software and staffing solutions. We are a healthcare partner that delivers outstanding service and expertise in all areas of telephone medicine. We are constantly evolving to meet the needs of physicians and patients. Feel free to contact me with any ideas, questions, or request for a demo.