Two triage nurses helping patients with possible COVID-19 symptoms

TriageLogic Assists Baptist Health Jacksonville in Setting Up Remote COVID-19 Triage Nurses

Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) 6/02/2020 – TriageLogic, a leader in remote patient communication and telephone nurse triage, announces its partnership with Baptist Health Hospital Jacksonville during the COVID-19 pandemic. TriageLogic helped Baptist Health set up their nurses to work from home and triage patients remotely using their MyTriageChecklist software.

Baptist Health came to TriageLogic because they needed help setting up the infrastructure to allow their nurses to remotely manage and evaluate patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Baptist needed both software to allow nurses to correctly identify and document the necessary care for each caller and they needed help setting up phone systems that would be HIPAA compliant and record calls. After identifying Baptist’s needs, TriageLogic was able to set up the phone lines for Baptist and  implement the MyTriageChecklist to ensure consistent high level of care for each caller. In less than two weeks, Baptist was up and running, and nurses were ready to triage patients with an organized, effective system.

MyTriageChecklist is a HIPAA compliant telephone nurse triage software to triage and document patient phone calls. The software includes Schmitt-Thompson protocols, the gold standard of care for evaluating patients over the phone. These include COVID-19 protocols and they are regularly updated as the medical community learns as the disease evolves. The software also integrates with existing EMR systems and allows for data analytics reports and the ability for providers to customize the care instructions their nurses give during triage calls.

Rose Moon, TriageLogic’s  clinical call center manager with over 20 years of experience on telephone nurse triage trains software client nurses and is always available to answer questions about the best uses of protocols and the software. “I find that meetings with client nurses to answer their questions and train them on the best processes to triage patients helps them get comfortable and ensure that they are using the protocols appropriately,” Moon explains. 

In conjunction with Telescope Health, a telemedicine company based in Jacksonville, Baptist Hospital now has a seamless, remote solution to the pandemic that helps keep their employees and the community safe. Patients triaged with MyTraigeChecklist who have been deemed in need of more care access to a doctor via video call are send to Telescope Health. From there, the telehealth doctor can order testing for the coronavirus or prescribe any other appropriate treatment.

What the Process Looks Like:

  1. A patient calls Baptist’s COVID-19 hotline number, which Baptist has advertised to the public. Calling the hotline is free and easily available for maximum effectiveness. The hotline is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  2. After an initial screening from non-clinical staff, the patient is handed off to triage nurses who have been trained and set-up to work from their homes.
  3. A nurse uses the MyTriageChecklist software with the Schmitt-Thompson and COVID-19 protocols to assess the patient and make a determination on whether or not they need additional care. All information from this call is saved and works in tandem with Baptist’s EMR system.
  4. If the patient does in fact show signs of coronavirus infection, the nurse will initiate and set-up a telehealth call with a doctor. This doctor is set up in Telescope Health’s video call system.

TriageLogic’s help in setting up the software and infrastructure needed for our nurses to work from home was invaluable for us to prioritize COVID-19 patients and keep our nurses safe. They trained our nurses on an easy-to-use system that allowed us to focus on our patients’ questions and concerns and provide needed support for our community during these trying times."

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TriageLogic and others in the remote patient communications field helped hospitals and medical organizations like Baptist Health prepare for a crisis that caught everyone off guard. Read this related case of how TriageLogic helped a Union County set-up their COVID-19 hotline.

About TriageLogic

TriageLogic is a URAC-accredited, physician-led provider of top-quality nurse telehealth technology, mobile applications, and medical call center solutions, all with the purpose of encouraging positive patient behavior and improving access to healthcare. Founded in 2006, the TriageLogic Group now serves more than 9,000 physicians and covers over 20 million lives nationwide. They continue to partner with private practices, hospitals, and corporations throughout the U.S.

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