Employee Spotlight – Rose Moon, RN, BSN

In this edition of Employee Spotlight, we are introducing Rose Moon, TriageLogic’s Clinical Education and Call Center IT Support Manager for over 5 years. She teaches triage nurses and other telephone triage professionals on how to triage patients over the phone and provide the highest quality of care.

Rose Moon earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and joined Triage Logic with 25 years of nursing experience; including inpatient and outpatient pediatric care, as well as 17 years of telephone triage call center development and management for both pediatric and adult populations. Rose was responsible for software evaluation, testing, training, and implementation in her previous hospital nurse triage call center manager position. Rose first got introduced to TriageLogic when she decided to implement the TriageLogic Call Center SoftwareTM in her hospital system about 8 years ago. Rose found the software to be very user-friendly, easy to implement and efficient in documenting the triage note.

As a previous client, Rose brings a valuable perspective to the TriageLogic team. She can predict concerns the clients may have and resolve them swiftly. Her favorite part of the job is meeting and working with telehealth professionals from all over the United States. To date, she has met with clients from almost all 50 states, plus Canada! She exclaims, “I can work with people all over the United States, show them how to use the software, talk to them about the importance of how to do telephone triage properly, and be able to meet so many wonderful people.”

Rose remotely teaches nurses on how to triage using the Schmitt-Thompson protocols properly. She states, “I am a big advocate that everyone that is talking to a patient over the telephone should be using the protocols. Not using the protocols puts the patients at risk and the organization liability at risk. It is really the nurses’ safety net.” Rose has trained over 1,000 triage nurses and has served as an expert witness in telephone triage litigation. She is concerned that there are many offices throughout the U.S that are not utilizing protocols for triaging a patient to ensure quality outcomes for their patients and organization. Not following a protocol can result in inconsistency of patient care as it is challenging to remember to ask every single symptom that needs to be evaluated for safe quality outcomes.

Rose clarifies that the protocols are just tools that the nurses can use as a guide. Ultimately, it is the nurse’s judgment, based on experience, that will provide the quality patient outcome. A good analogy she uses many times is “a stethoscope lets you listen to your patient’s lung sounds. But it is not going to give you a printout that tells you the patient has pneumonia. Neither will the software system. Your ability to use the software and the protocols will help give the best safe quality patient outcomes.”

During her career, Rose learned the importance of technology in healthcare and the importance of protocols. She expands that leadership is providing a clear path to success; leading by example with integrity, trust, clear communication, and accountability. She describes Triagelogic as innovative, cutting-edge, and visionary. She chose innovative because we are a step ahead in developing what a clinical user will need to have at their fingertips to have a safe quality outcome. She chose visionary, because of our CTO and Medical Director, Ravi. “He sees what needs to come next. That’s how he keeps the company moving forward. He leads by knowing what the next step in technology is.” As a leader herself, there are three main advise she provides for triage nurses. 

    Assessing patients over the phone is high risk; therefore, take the callers word as gospel truth.

    Follow your 6th sense: Protocols are decision-support tools. Nursing judgment determines patient outcomes.

    Triage Nurses don’t always have to be right; we can’t afford to be wrong. Always err on the side of caution.

For the future, she is excited about the new implementation of the My 24/7 Healthcare App. She states “Our app is the next step.” Speaking from personal experience, she is more likely to take her kids to the Urgent Care, because she can go to urgent care and be seen faster than calling her doctor’s office, wait for a callback, talk to a nurse, and fight to try and get an appointment. The app is essential because it provides immediate gratification of being “seen” by the triage nurse. “In about 50% of the cases, the caller just needs home care advice, which the triage nurse can provide over the phone.” Rose plans to continue to play a vital role in partnering healthcare with technology.

Rose likes to separate work and family life. Family life is significant to her, and Triagelogic helps her balance that out by enabling her to work from home. Also, she aspires to travel outside of North America to either Ireland or Italy. Her family is a big traveler. Their goal is to take their kids to all 50 states. Rose currently lives in Pittsburgh with her husband Jim and their three children.

We are delighted to have Rose Moon as part of the TriageLogic team!

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