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Maximizing Efficiency and Care: The Importance of Integrated Systems in After-Hours Nurse Triage Services

Do your nurses spend a lot of time manually updating medical charts with messages from after-hours calls? Because many after-hours nurse triage services aren’t integrated with the in-house software that medical practices like yours use, this creates the potential for backlogged message intake. Thus, nurses are left with the burden of sorting this information and manually attaching it to patient charts. Not only is this tedious, but it also creates the possibility for information to be omitted or recorded inaccurately. 

TriageLogic’s nurse triage software offers convenient integration with your in-house systems without requiring a time-consuming setup or additional software purchases. Here’s how it can substantially reduce your labor costs, enhance your continuity of care, and ultimately improve your patient outcomes.

Reduce Labor Costs With Efficient Data Management

When triage nurses talk with patients, they typically record information directly in nurse triage software. MyTriageChecklist makes this process seamless, from documenting all patient interactions during these calls, to sharing them directly with a provider’s office. 

Our platform allows for the automatic transfer of patient data from your after-hours nurse triage services to your EHRs. By eliminating the need for manual entry, you reduce the chances for error and give your nurses more time to focus on patient interaction and care.

Improving Continuity of Care

Continuity of care isn’t simply a nice-to-have feature of nurse triage integration — it’s often the best way to improve your doctors’ diagnoses. Most practitioners tend to use medical histories in prescribing care, which is why it’s so important to provide them with accurate patient information that is presented in a narrative they can understand.

This results in patient care that is consistent from one healthcare setting to another, which is especially beneficial to patients who are battling chronic disease. 

By documenting calls with myTriageChecklist, triage nurses and doctors will have immediate access to a summary of each patient’s medical history, including information like their allergies and current medications. This improves the quality of care they receive, and strengthens their trust and confidence in your team, ultimately encouraging them to stay with your practice.

Enhancing Patient Safety and Outcomes

Part of this trust also ties back to the actual nurse triage calls themselves. If your patients know that you offer after-hours nurse triage services, they’ll be reassured that there will always be someone they can contact to answer questions they may have about their medical symptoms.

The integration that is created between nurse triage software and your in-house EMR is a big part of this reassurance, because it allows triage nurses to access your patients’ information, even when that information is only brief histories. Nurses are then able to review relevant data like patient medications to address the questions and needs of each caller. In this manner, triage nurses act as an extension of your practice and provide medical guidance that is based on: a) their training and experience; b) symptom evaluation using nurse triage protocols; and c) any customized orders from your doctors.

This service also makes it easier to share information directly with any providers your patients are referred to, as well as keep your primary care physicians up to date.

A Note About HIPAA Compliance

It’s essential that any kind of integrated software solution is HIPAA compliant and protected against digital threats. That’s why TriageLogic’s nurse triage software is designed to specifically meet these areas of compliance and use cybersecurity best practices to prevent your patients’ data from being compromised.

Options for After-Hours Nurse Triage Services

The integration of after-hours nurse triage services with your in-house records system is a critical enhancement for practice efficiency and health care. It can help your team reduce the time nurses spend on administrative tasks, enhance your level of care, and improve patient health outcomes.

TriageLogic is ready to assist your practice in these areas by providing two key solutions: our intuitive nurse triage software that can be up and running for you in 30 minutes, as well as our Nurse Triage On Call service that is available 24/7 through our medical call center.

Contact us today to learn more about a customized program for your practice.

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