A triage nurse uses myTriageChecklist on her desktop computer to evaluate a patient caller's symptoms.

What Is The Best Nurse Triage Software That Includes Free Training for Nurses?

The number one priority for all telehealth and telephone triage nurses is to make sure that patient callers are directed to the appropriate levels of care in the proper windows of time. While this may initially seem difficult over the phone, triage nurse software ensures that nurses ask the right questions, document calls properly, and choose the right disposition for each caller. There is one option that nurses can use to make this process easier — namely, implementing TriageLogic’s nurse triage software, myTriageChecklist (MTC). It’s the most customizable nurse triage solution on the market today, and can integrate securely and seamlessly with doctors’ offices, hospitals, and health plans. Nurses also prefer myTriageChecklist for two main reasons.

Reason #1: MyTriageChecklist Includes Expert Training From a Registered Nurse

It doesn’t take long to implement myTriageChecklist — often as little as 30 minutes. We also offer training that’s as intuitive as our software.

When you purchase MTC, your team will have access to free training from Rose Moon, RN BSN, our Education Manager and Director of Nursing. Rose was actually a client of ours before joining our agency, giving her both extensive hands-on experience with our software and a unique perspective about training others on it. She has over 25 years experience  in nursing, as well as 17 years of telephone triage call center development and management experience, and has been indispensable to the success of each software implementation.

Looking for additional nurse triage training? Check out free courses in our Learning Center, or ask about the individualized triage certification we offer for a nominal fee.

Reason #2: MyTriageChecklist Makes Triage More Accurate and Efficient

Our software relies on Schmitt-Thompson protocols to evaluate caller symptoms based on severity. This creates a standardized decision tree for nurses to follow so that all calls are consistent and easy to document any time of the day, and any day of the week. Not only does this allow nurses to arrive at accurate dispositions, it minimizes their liability. All information that they collect is stored in a respective patient’s file, and shared with any referred provider(s) — from the patient’s PCP or specialist, to the closest ER. 

This has been shown to substantially improve continuity of care, as well as positive health outcomes.

Our software is also customizable, allowing for specialized instructions based on the preferences of each physician’s office. For example, physicians can provide instructions on how soon a patient should follow up regarding a specific symptom, or how to manage refill requests. Plus, any changes can always be reversed to an earlier version if needed.

Lastly, MTC offers in-depth data analytics, allowing your team to improve its nurse triage scheduling and performance. It generates reports on the productivity of your nurses, highlights main complaints, and shares feedback on which referrals are used more often for additional care (to a provider or to the ER).

Why Choose MyTriageChecklist Over the Competition?

MyTriageChecklist may not be the only nurse triage software on the market, but it is the most comprehensive and compliant. The three main objections we hear about other triage options are:

  1. They aren’t HIPAA compliant (a big red flag).
  2. They may be prone to data leaks, which can be the result of poor cyber defense.
  3. They don’t utilize Schmitt-Thompson protocols, which makes it difficult for your triage nurses to fully evaluate all patient symptoms in an organized fashion.

Would You Like to See a Demo?

If this sounds like a tool you’d like to incorporate into your own nurse triage, we would love to share a demo with you and your team. Please contact us today to learn more.

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