A patient lying in bed in the dark at home uses their smartphone to call after-hours nurse triage services.

Concerned About Patients Leaving Your Practice? Consider Adding After-Hours Nurse Triage Services

Have you noticed an uptick in patients leaving your practice? It could be the result of poor accessibility and communication. Missed calls, unanswered questions, and the inability to reach a healthcare professional outside of regular hours can prompt them to seek care elsewhere. One effective way to bridge this gap is by implementing after-hours nurse triage services. These provide patients with access to trained nurses 24/7 who can ensure that their concerns are addressed promptly and accurately.

Picture the following scenario: a patient starts experiencing concerning symptoms in the early evening. They’re unsure if they should go to the emergency room, or manage as best they can until their doctor’s office reopens the following day. This situation not only risks the patient’s well-being, but also jeopardizes their trust in their healthcare provider, especially if they try to reach that provider and no one is available to help them.

Medical Economics highlights how you can retain more patients by focusing on four key areas: “access, ease of doing business, digital engagement, and trust.” Here are the ways that after-hours nurse triage addresses each.

1. Immediate Access to Medical Guidance

With after-hours nurse triage services, patients no longer have to wait until the next business day to address their concerns. Whether they’re dealing with sudden onset symptoms, or other health-related matters, patients can connect with registered nurses who can act as an extension of your practice to provide reassurance, guidance, and answers. 

This accessibility fosters trust and loyalty, as patients feel supported and valued, even after normal office hours. It also reduces liability for your practice by avoiding negative health outcomes.

2. Personalized Care and Attention

You already know how every patient’s healthcare needs are different. That’s why after-hours nurse triage services use a standardized approach with nurse triage protocols to evaluate each person’s symptoms, determine their severity, and offer guidance. That guidance can include scheduling next-day appointments with primary care physicians, advising on home care, or recommending that patients visit the closest emergency rooms. 

Nurse triage gives patients the confidence that they will always have an available resource to help them understand their symptoms and what types of care are the best for evaluating them.

3. Continuity of Care

Triage nurses ensure that all patient interactions are documented thoroughly using nurse triage software, and that patient symptoms and protocols are shared directly with their providers. This means that you and others at your practice have all of the information that you need for faster, more accurate diagnoses.  

4. Reduced ER Visits and Healthcare Costs

Unnecessary emergency room visits not only strain healthcare resources, but also lead to increased costs for patients and providers alike. After-hours nurse triage services alleviate these burdens by guiding patients to the most appropriate levels of care. 

Patients no longer have to guess about the severity of their symptoms and whether or not to expend the time, money, and transportation to seek treatment. Meanwhile, your practice doesn’t become overwhelmed by unnecessary visits, and you can focus on in-person appointments that need your expertise immediately.

5. Higher Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

After-hours nurse triage services facilitate open lines of communication between patients and providers, which encourages patients to take more active roles in their own health care. The more that they feel supported and empowered, the more likely they are to be satisfied and stay with your practice. 

Enhance Your Care With Our After-Hours Nurse Triage

An after-hours nurse triage service offers a comprehensive solution to common patient retention challenges. By implementing TriageLogic’s Nurse Triage On Call, you’ll give your patients immediate access to medical guidance, symptom evaluation, continuity of care, and cost-effective care management.

Elevate your patient experience and cultivate lasting relationships. Contact us today to discuss a customized program.

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