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Care News Winter – Spring 2017

Care News Winter-Spring 2017 is Here!

Care News is TriageLogic’s semi-annual publication highlighting articles on nurse triage, new trends in healthcare, and recent developments in telemedicine.

In this issue, our CEO, Dr. Charu Raheja, presents the exciting plans for 2017. This includes highlighting the new mobile applications for My 24/7 Healthcare and Continuwell. Also in this edition of Care News, the TriageLogic Medical Director, Dr. Ravi Raheja, discusses the new features in the updated myTriageChecklist.

Don’t forget to check out the article introducing Continuwell, TriageLogic’s new telehealth service for businesses and organizations to decrease employee health care expenses and reduce employee sick days.

We feature a customer spotlight on Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and an employee spotlight on Rose Moon, our Clinical Educator and IT Support Manager. This issue also includes several great articles on current health trends.

Find out what is new in the Learning Center. TriageLogic has a new course, Case Studies in Nurse Triage, where triage nurses can put their knowledge to the test. Managers can sign up all of their nurses to take the course as a group, and nurses will receive a certificate for each completed course.

CEO Perspective

CEO Perspective

Happy New Year! TriageLogic has exciting new plans for 2017. We are launching new products and services, with two new mobile applications (apps) – Continuwell® and My 24/7 Healthcare™. We are excited about the growth and new opportunities for the TriageLogic Group to continue helping you take care of your patients and improve your practice.
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Letter from the Medical Director

Letter from the Medical Director

TriageLogic continues to invest in technology to assist doctors and patients. In addition to new mobile applications for offices and organizations, we have revamped myTriageChecklist. This upgrade keeps all the benefits, while adding a brand new look with enhanced features.
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Flu Season

Let TriageLogic Nurses Help Your Office This Flu Season

Our TriageLogic nurses have already received many calls from patients with flu-like symptoms this season. Making sure that your office and staff have the tools needed to be prepared for this upsurge in patient calls will save you time, money, and most importantly ensure the best care for your patients. Read more here >>

TriageLogic Announces Continuwell


You take care of your patients, but who takes care of your staff? Why not extend a confidential and independent triage service for your staff by making Continuwell part of your employee benefits package? Continuwell is a new telehealth product for businesses and organizations to decrease employee health care expenses and reduce employee sick days. Learn more about Continuwell >>


This e-book on patient symptoms and outcomes provides a guideline for practices and hospitals about caller demographics, main symptoms, and outcomes for patients. It provides a reference tool for typical calls and a guide for managers when training triage nurses. Doctors and other medical providers can also use the contents of this e-book to educate their patients on when to call a triage nurse.

The book is available as a free PDF on our website >>

Learning Center

Learning Center Case Studies

This is an educational course available for free in the TriageLogic Learning Center. This course helps triage nurses test their knowledge by applying the 10 Critical Steps of a Triage Call (from Course 2) to various case studies. Each Critical Step in the process has a purpose, and the cases demonstrate the importance of not skipping over any of them. Go to the Learning Center >>

1 in 3 adults is told to go to the ER

Adults Underestimate Their Symptoms – Nurse Triage Saves Lives

One in every 3 adults who calls a nurse triage line is told to go to the ER. Find out why in this study of treatment advice data from our nurse triage call center for the months of April, May, and June 2016.

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TriageLogic implemented their Call Center Software for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the largest healthcare provider for children in Georgia.

TriageLogic’s call center platform has been adapted and customized to fit the unique telephone triage needs of the hospitals and community phone lines for Children’s.

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