Letter from the Medical Director: January 2017

TriageLogic was the first company to create a free standing triage checklist, myTriageChecklist®, for nurses to use during the day with the Schmitt-Thompson daytime protocols. Hundreds of doctors’ offices currently rely on our system to determine and document the appropriate level of care when their patients call with symptoms.

TriageLogic continues to invest in technology to assist doctors and patients. In addition to new mobile applications for offices and organizations, we have revamped myTriageChecklist. This upgrade keeps all the benefits, while adding a brand new look with enhanced features.

The site now has a modern look and feel, while maintaining our intuitive and efficient triage process. The system also allows the nurse to email or text care advice to the patients for reference after the call. An important feature, as patients become more involved in their healthcare management.

But technology can only do so much. One of the strongest features of our software is the training that we provide as part of the service. That is still unique in the industry.

Every week, we have a registered nurse with years of triage experience host a live, web-based training session. Our trainer teaches new users how to use the software. She also reviews clinical questions and scenarios brought up by returning clients. Several offices send their new nurses for training, even after their initial training session. Having a resource with expertise in triage, combined with our free Learning Center, has helped nurses all over the country learn how to better manage their phone calls.

MyTriageChecklist may have a new look with improved features, but our clients are still receiving the same quality triage protocol system, backed by free experienced training, that they have come to rely on.

-Ravi Raheja, MD

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