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Care News – Winter 2021/2022

Welcome to Care News! In this issue, we discuss the importance of physical safeguards within healthcare’s cybersecurity; how telehealth triage nurses can avoid liability on patient calls; new triage protocols from Dr. David Thompson for hospice care; TriageLogic’s ranking on last year’s Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list; and much more!

Care News – Winter 2021/2022 Update - Dr. Charu Raheja

Letter From the CEO: Telehealth Changes Needed in 2022

Charu Raheja, Ph.D., TriageLogic CEO

As we welcome the new year and take stock of 2021, I’m excited to reflect on all of the developments we’ve seen when it comes to telehealth.

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Letter from the Medical Director - Dr. Ravi Raheja

Letter From the CTO: The Latest Nurse Triage Tech Integrates Healthcare Data and Enhances Its Security

2021 was an exciting year to say the least, and I’m not referring to the pandemic. The healthcare industry problems that we learned from in 2020 led us to ramp up our investment in technology for integrating healthcare services and enhancing the security of patient data. Here are just a few of the improvements our organization has been able to accomplish to help our hospitals, providers, and business clients…

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News and Updates

Schmitt-Thompson Update: Telephone Triage Nurses Can Now Schedule Your Telehealth Visit

Patients, families, and physicians have all embraced telehealth since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Schmitt-Thompson triage protocols now include options for triage nurses to verify telehealth eligibility and schedule telehealth appointments on a provider’s behalf.

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schmitt thompson
Stethoscope lays on laptop keyboard.

Physical Safeguards Your Cybersecurity Needs to Protect Patient Data in Telehealth

Due to a rise in cybercrime, it is imperative that healthcare organizations make digital security a priority in 2022. Part of that process involves training staff on the physical safeguards that make for an effective cyber defense. Here are the ones we recommend focusing on first.

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Liability Article
How do triage nurses protect themselves against liability when they can’t see their patient callers? To find out, we turned to D.D. Fritsch, a tenured clinical leader in this area of healthcare.

Thompson Hospice Protocols
Schmitt-Thompson nurse triage protocols have long been the gold standard for dispositions on care. Now, Dr. David Thompson has released a new set of protocols that are developed specifically for hospice. Learn more about them in this recent Q&A.

Asking The Right Triage Questions to Provide Correct 

Patient Dispositions
In order to provide the most accurate dispositions for care, telehealth triage nurses need to ask the right questions. While part of this may involve their training, it’s primarily about the nurse triage protocols they have at their disposal.

TriageLogic in the News

Triage Nurse Explains Delta Variant: Symptoms, Vaccinations, and Prevention — An Interview With Ravi Raheja, M.D.

When COVID-19’s Delta variant began to spread, it quickly became a global concern. TriageLogic’s Dr. Ravi Raheja was able to speak to the Jacksonville News and share guidance on how Delta compared to previous variants, vaccine efficacy, reputable sources for current pandemic information, as well as updates to nurse triage protocols.

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Press Release: Play-it Health Partners with TriageLogic on Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Play-it Health, a virtual care management provider, recently partnered with TriageLogic for its call center support. Our nurses review data from their Remote Patient Monitoring devices as a means of patient follow-up and early detection for chronic health complications.

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TriageLogic and Play-it Health business logos, coupled with a display of vital signs on an ICU monitor.

TriageLogic Proud to Be Recognized by Inc. 5000

TriageLogic is thrilled to have been ranked on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list! Learn more about what we’ve accomplished, and what we anticipate in the coming years.

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TriageLogic’s Dr. Charu Raheja to Chair the Neurosurgery Outreach Foundation’s Benefit Challenge

TriageLogic’s Dr. Charu Raheja had the honor of chairing a benefit challenge and dinner party on behalf of The Neurosurgery Outreach Foundation (NOF) this past November. Learn more about this nonprofit’s contributions of tools and training to neurosurgeons worldwide, and why their mission is close to our CEO’s heart.

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Triagelogic Outdoor headshot of Amy Smith

TriageLogic Employee Spotlight: Amy Smith

TriageLogic is excited to spotlight the history and contributions of one of its most senior employees, Amy Smith. She’s been with the company since its beginning, and has served as a jill-of-all-trades between sales, account management, HR, contracting, and bookkeeping. You can read more about her in our recent Q&A.

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