TriageLogic’s Dr. Charu Raheja to Chair the Neurosurgery Outreach Foundation’s Benefit Challenge

TriageLogic is excited to announce that its CEO, Dr. Charu Raheja, will be chairing an upcoming benefit challenge and dinner party with The Neurosurgery Outreach Foundation (NOF) on November 13th! The event, titled A Portrait of a Pastry Chef as an Artist, will offer an exciting pastry competition as part of a fundraiser for several NOF programs: their educational surgical mission, educational award, medical equipment and patient support, and hydrocephalus centers. A panel of judges — including Chef Rebecca Reed, Chopped’s Dessert Champ of 2020 — will critique the creations of local chefs from the Jacksonville area. Food, music, and other prizes will also be available.

About NOF

NOF is an all-volunteer, Jacksonville-based nonprofit organization that aims “to provide opportunities for all healthcare players to advance care for brain diseases for those who are most challenged in accessing them.” It began with a request for training materials at a charity hospital, and has since grown over the years with a handful of accomplishments worldwide.

Some of those include:

  • Raising money for equipment that doctors in other countries need in order to perform surgery.
  • Offering scholarships to neurosurgeons around the world so that they can travel to Jacksonville to train with local doctors.
  • Coordinating efforts with doctors who want to donate their time to travel abroad and offer their education and expertise to those who need training for these types of surgeries.

NOF’s goals for providing the tools and training for neurosurgeons worldwide are very close to Charu’s heart. “It’s still hard to come to terms with how quickly medical complications in the brain change lives overnight, and how they don’t discriminate,” she says. “I had a stroke from an arteriovenous malformation (AMV). But like many others, I ignored the symptoms for days before seeking care. I had brain surgery, and it took me over a year before I was able to overcome the side effects and be myself again. I am fortunate that I had the best surgeons with the best technology working for me. Most people are not that lucky. A small device that costs less than $1,000 is often a matter of life and death to many.”

Consider that an estimated 16.9 million lives are lost because they don’t have access to the proper surgical care, and NOF’s mission becomes all the more relevant to neurological equity.  For more information about NOF and to support its programs, visit

Below is a breakdown of the event details and a listing of several of the pastry chefs who plan to compete. If you’d like to attend, tickets can still be purchased here, or you can email for more information.

Date: November 13, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 6:00 pm
Venue: MOCA Jacksonville
Pastry Chefs: Erika Cline (Simply Erika’s), Verousce McKibbin (The Sweet Room), B The Bakery, Team Sawgrass Bakeshop, Sarah Harper (Orsay), James Victorino (One Ocean), Erika Pierce (Southern Grounds), and more!

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