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Press Release: Play-it Health Partners with TriageLogic on Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Jacksonville, Fla., August 9, 2021 – Play-it Health, a virtual care management organization, has coupled its Remote Patient Monitoring services with TriageLogic’s telephone nurse support for patient symptom-checking and follow-up.

Play-it Health has continued to provide exceptional virtual care management since the COVID-19 pandemic through the use of its Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program. This is one of the most effective tools that doctors can implement to track the symptoms of their patients who suffer from chronic disease. It incorporates wearable devices that those patients use at home to measure their vitals — blood pressure, glucose, weight, pulse ox — before having that data uploaded to secure cloud storage. Telehealth nurses are then tasked with reviewing that data to identify abnormalities and notify patients to seek care as needed.

Recently, Play-it Health partnered with TriageLogic for its call center support to expand this data review and patient follow-up, providing an early warning system against potential health complications. One doctor’s office saw these benefits firsthand when a patient of theirs who had been experiencing an abnormally low heartrate was informed by one of our telehealth RNs about their symptoms, and advised to contact the office for an evaluation. The result? The patient’s health improved, and that doctor now has a successful RPM program that generates revenue without any added workloads or staffing requirements.

“Timely, knowledgeable, responsive communication…”
– Kimberly Gandy, MD, PhD & CEO

Why did Play-it Health choose us for this service? Our call center uses proprietary software along with clinical and nonclinical telehealth staff who have been specially trained. The staff evaluate remote device data and contact patients when that data indicates concerning symptoms, either based on specific practice rules or the most current Schmitt-Thompson protocols. Telehealth nurses can also confirm when and if these devices may be malfunctioning, as well as verify telehealth eligibility and schedule these appointments on behalf of providers.

According to the Medical Director and CEO of Play-it Health, Kimberly Gandy,

Timely, knowledgeable, responsive communication is vital to effective RPM. Our patients have loved the service that TriageLogic provides and we look forward to a continuing strong partnership as we improve outcomes together.

If you’re looking for a similar program to benefit your patient care, we want to talk. Give us a call at (800) 723-4290, or schedule some time for a discussion by clicking here.

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TriageLogic is a URAC-accredited, physician-led provider of top-quality nurse telehealth technology, remote patient monitoring, and medical call center solutions, all for the purpose of encouraging positive patient behavior and improving access to healthcare. Founded in 2007, the TriageLogic Group now serves more than 9,000 physicians and covers over 25 million lives nationwide. They continue to partner with private practices, hospitals, and corporations throughout the U.S.

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