Title for TriageLogic's Winter 2019-Spring 2020 Care News

Care News – Spring 2020 – Patient-Centric Population Health, and Mastering the Art of Nurse Triage

In this issue of Care News, you’ll discover how the explosive growth of digital technologies to collect and monitor health data has led to mountains of information that need to be monitored and interpreted by medical professionals. You’ll also meet TriageLogic’s newest team member and find out how to best support patients during 911 calls.

Patient-Centric Population Health: A New Model for Patient Monitoring

Charu Raheja, Ph.D., TriageLogic CEO

With the use of wearable healthcare devices continuing to grow, TriageLogic offers a professional platform for physicians and patients that use remote care and monitoring.

Bridging the Gap Between Wearable Tech and Healthcare Delivery

Ravi Raheja, M.D., TriageLogic Medical Director and CTO

While wearable health technology devices can collect and send data, a medical professional must still interpret the results and guide the wearer on next steps. Most physicians don’t have the time or resources to monitor multiple dashboards. TriageLogic can help.

Around-the-clock access to qualified nurse triage professionals provides patients with timely, appropriate medical advice at a lower price point.

A 24/7 nurse triage service along with proactive patient education has been shown to improve patient outcomes.

Mastering the art of nurse phone triage can sometimes be challenging. Here are a few helpful tips to help create a positive experience for your patients.

Opioids diverted from friends and family with legitimate prescriptions are a major source of abuse. Would you know how to recognize the signs of addiction vs. an overdose?

Dr. Charu Raheja presented at the 2019 National Wellness Institute’s Annual Conference in Orlando and the Women’s Future Conference in New York City.

TriageLogic’s Medical Director, Dr. Ravi Raheja, appeared on Jacksonville’s News Channel 4 to discuss affordable options for medical care.

TriageLogic knows the importance of comprehensive, well-rounded training for its nurses. Here’s how Ami Veldkamp helps triage nurses excel.

Whether providing nurse triage in a call service environment, working in a hospital setting or partnering with a physician in private practice, it’s imperative that patient safety comes first, especially during 911 calls. Watch this brief video to learn how some presenting symptoms can be linked to associated organ systems.

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