Charu Raheja presenting The Future of Healthcare at the 2019 Women Future Conference

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Late last year, Charu Raheja, TriageLogic CEO, was a guest speaker at the Women’s Future Conference in New York City where she presented “The Future of Healthcare” to executives. Her discussion focused on several aspects of the changing landscape of healthcare including changes in consumer behavior, regulation and technology. The audience discussed how new rules surrounding medical device reimbursements will impact providers and patients. Many attendees were interested to learn more about how newcomers to the healthcare space such as Amazon will impact the medical community. Another important topic of interest was the rise in demand for mental healthcare in the USA and new solutions to help address the need.

Earlier last year, Charu also presented “Why Wellbeing is Simply Good for Business” to attendees of the 2019 National Wellness Institute’s annual conference in Orlando. She discussed how people often ignore their health symptoms and shared her personal struggle to overcome the effects of a stroke when she ignored her own symptoms for more than a week before seeking care. The audience discussed the need to increase education about taking symptoms seriously and seeking appropriate medical care. Charu also discussed the importance of providing easy access to 24/7 care to address health issues and decrease morbidity and mortality rates.

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