Dr. Charu Raheja writes about wearable healthcare devices and remote healthcare monitoring

Patient-Centric Population Health: A New Model for Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) has become an important part of clinical practice and for good reason. This growing technology allows practitioners to identify at-risk patients and intervene in their care when needed – decreasing morbidity and mortality and helping to reduce healthcare expenses. RPM includes using medical devices that measure a patient’s vitals, record the information and transmit it to a data center for privacy and record keeping.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has recognized the benefits of RPM and created new codes that reimburse providers who offer remote monitoring. Some of these new codes allow clinical staff to provide monitoring and care, freeing up time for physicians.

TriageLogic offers the perfect platform to provide courteous and professional service to physicians and patients that use remote care and monitoring. Those who already use our triage services recognize the dedication and helpfulness of our nurses!

Outsourced Remote Patient Care

While the specifications vary by CPT code, a healthcare provider reviews RPM data and modifies the patient’s care plan as needed.

TriageLogic’s software can collect, record and analyze patient data in real time, allowing constant monitoring of vitals including unusual or sudden changes that require a nurse evaluation for possible emergency or follow-up care. Our software can also be customized for each practice, providing a seamless experience for patients and physicians. As an integral part of the care team, we help patients remain healthy which may lead to fewer hospital readmissions – something that’s good for everyone!

In-House Remote Patient Care

In-house RPM allows practices to use their own staff nurses to engage with patients. This can include regular, two-way communication as well as calls from the office to patients when vitals display unusual changes. Practices can customize their own version of My Triage Checklist  an easy-to-use triage protocol software – which can include specific disease protocols.

The future of RPM looks promising and with your help, we’ll continue to evolve with the needs of physicians and practices, changes in regulation and the changing technological landscape.

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