Ami Veldkamp is TriageLogic's Nurse Lead & Training Manager

Ami Veldkamp, TriageLogic Training Manager and Nurse Lead

Ami Veldkamp knows a thing or two about nursing. She’s spent time caring for pulmonary patients, individuals at an acute care hospital and children in a pediatric setting.  

“I enjoy overseeing the quality assurance process for our nurses,” says Veldkamp, TriageLogic Training Manager and Nurse Lead, “because it helps me become better at triage, too.” Although Veldkamp had extensive experience with hands-on patient care, shifting to the field of telephone nurse triage was a new chapter in her career playbook. “After the birth of my daughter, I was diagnosed with a medical condition that left me unable to be on my feet, run through the halls or lift patients,” says Veldkamp. “I certainly didn’t want to give up my career, and triage nursing looked like a great way to continue caring for people.”

Each month, Veldkamp and her team monitor calls for both experienced nurses as well as those who’ve recently joined the TriageLogic team. Information taken from every call helps her provide feedback and tips to her team of nurses. “I want my nurses to know how to avoid potential liabilities, how to provide the best patient care and how to also remain a compassionate and caring person,” says Veldkamp. “Even though we may only speak to patients for a short amount of time, we still want them to feel heard and cared for.”

In addition to monitoring and mentoring her team, Veldkamp is also responsible for on-boarding new nurses, providing initial hands-on training, coordinating additional or follow-up training with other staff trainers and overseeing quality assurance. The TriageLogic on-boarding program for its triage nurses comprises independent study, software training, one-on-one practice calls, and live patient calls with a trainer partner. This multi-faceted approach helps ensure patient safety while providing compassionate care. “Our training prepares nurses for success because it’s able to be customized to each individual,” says Veldkamp. “There are multiple opportunities for immediate feedback as well as continued support long after formal training is completed.”

Well-trained nurses, along with a robust proprietary software platform and comprehensive protocols, continue to make TriageLogic a top choice for medical practices and hospitals looking for professional and compassionate triage call service. With a combined total years of nursing experience nearing almost a century, TriageLogic provides comfort and expert care advice.

To find out how TriageLogic can help you provide the best care to your patients, visit or call (855) 734-4463.

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