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Care News Summer – Fall 2018

Care News Summer Fall 2018 is Here!

Care News is TriageLogic’s semi-annual publication highlighting articles on triage software, best practices in nurse triage, new trends in healthcare, and recent developments in telemedicine.

It is time for our semi-annual TriageLogic newsletter, Care News. In this edition, we highlight the growth we have seen so far in 2018 in our triage software and services. We have added new products and brought on new clients across the country.

This newsletter introduces Sara Brackin, TriageLogic’s Implementation Manager. Sara supervises the development of new products and solutions that help improve patient access to care. This edition of Care News also highlights articles that were recently published in magazines, such as Florida Doctor and AnswerStat.

One of the most exciting announcements is that we have finished rebuilding our Learning Center. You can now find all of the educational courses on telephone nurse triage at its new dedicated website We separated the Learning Center from the main website in order to improve your experience. Both sites now load faster and are easier to navigate.

Check out the Summer/Fall 2018 edition of Care News to see TriageLogic’s recent news and events in telemedicine and telephone nurse triage software and services. 


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Clinical Triage Call Center Platforms

Letter from the Medical Director Dr. Ravi Raheja Around the same time as electronic medical records (EMRs) were starting to get popular, triage systems had started to emerge.  These triage

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Triagelogic is growing

The Summer CEO Perspective By Dr. Charu Raheja, Ph.D. Telemedicine is improving the quality of patient care while decreasing costs. TriageLogic is constantly evolving and growing to meet the needs

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Triage Call Center

As practices and organizations move to value-based care, medical call centers can play a crucial role in improving the patient experience and the quality of care while containing costs. An

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telehealth nurses

By Dr. Charu Raheja, Ph.D. Hospitals, specialty clinics, and other healthcare organizations are expanding telemedicine to provide quality services and generate revenue. There are many telemedicine options available for each

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How Secure is Your Patient Data? As more technology gets implemented to improve healthcare data security has become an increasingly important aspect to consider. Providers need to know that their

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Learning Center

Risks in Telephone Triage Care: A New Learning Center Course

Introducing the next course in TriageLogic’s Learning Center, Risks in Telephone Triage. This course will examine the various risks that providers need to consider when triage nurses evaluate patients over the phone. These risks include delay of care, not following protocols, practicing outside the scope of nursing, and improper documentation.

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