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TriageLogic is Growing to Meet the Demands in Telemedicine

The Summer CEO Perspective

By Dr. Charu Raheja, Ph.D.

Telemedicine is improving the quality of patient care while decreasing costs. TriageLogic is constantly evolving and growing to meet the needs of providers and patients. We have developed more versatile software, such as the new myTriageChecklist Call Center Version, that allows any health call center to add Schmitt-Thompson protocols to their existing patient management system, or My 24/7 Healthcare, which health systems can use to create their own app to support a community wellbeing program.  Through all of this innovation, nurses are still being used on the front lines to stay engaged with patients.

Recently, TriageLogic has been expanding the number of doctors our nurses cover. Since March, we have added nearly 1,000 doctors to our Nurse Triage On Call service. We now cover about 12 million patients with our nurse triage service alone!

Reports forecast that the global telemedicine market will be worth $78.82 billion by the year 2022. This growth has caught the eye of tech giants, such as Amazon, Apple, and Google. However, hospitals, clinics, and physicians can still be the leaders in telemedicine. Though the healthcare system is being revolutionized by telemedicine, nurses are still the most effective resources to ensure quality care.

Nurses’ roles are going beyond reactive with the new emphasis on wellbeing in the public. Health systems are creating community wellbeing programs as a way to improve population health and cut down on healthcare spending. Focusing on the wellbeing of their community, hospitals are able to apply their resources to provide wellness services like community support, events, and education. Their nurses can direct patients to hospital-based wellness programs or in-network physicians.

TriageLogic is dedicated to supporting hospitals, clinics, and physicians with innovative telephone nurse triage products and services. We are committed to delivering quality telemedicine products to meet the needs of providers and patients as they evolve.

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