Remote Nurse Triage

Care News – Winter 2022/2023

Welcome to TriageLogic’s Care News! In this issue, we discuss:

  • Our latest breakthrough in medical scripting using artificial intelligence.
  • Our digital tools to address high call volumes of RSV, flu, and COVID.
  • Our efforts to help the local community.
  • How providers can overcome the challenges of implementing an RPM program.
  • Tips for triage nurses when dealing with difficult patient callers.

TL Care Newsletter

Letter From Our CEO: Healthcare Technology and Medical Scripting Are Key Drivers for TriageLogic’s Solutions

Charu Raheja, Ph.D., TriageLogic CEO

Health care has experienced a big shift over the past two years, with more patients demanding telehealth and 24/7 medical care. Of course, this increases the burden on providers to be available around the clock.

TriageLogic has expanded its offerings to help manage patient demand: a new, turnkey solution for remote patient monitoring; and new medical message intake software that improves messages to providers and decreases liability. We also offer training for your office nurses on how to answer and document patient phone calls appropriately. Read more about our recent improvements to medical scripting, solutions to make patient care more efficient, and some of our community initiatives to help with social determinants of health care. 

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Letter From the Medical Director - Dr. Ravi Raheja

Letter From Our CTO: Improve Medical Message Intake and Patient Engagement Despite RSV, Flu, and Nurse Shortage

Healthcare networks may have made it past what was arguably the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’re still experiencing challenges when it comes to available resources and medical staffing. TriageLogic has introduced new digital solutions to help medical organizations overcome these burdens and improve patient care:

a medical intake module that runs on artificial intelligence, a sophisticated patient notification service, and the implementation of SOC 2 compliance to ensure security of patient data.

Learn about how these can help you manage patients quickly and efficiently while providing the highest levels of care. 

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News and Updates

How Triage Nurses Should Respond to Frustrated and Angry Patient Callers

Does your team know how to respond to upset callers? We make sure our triage nurses know the best ways to address calls that deal with angry patients, child abuse, frustrated parents, mental health, and patients who are difficult to understand. Here are some of the main points to consider, especially around the holidays.

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TriageLogic An angry patient caller sits on his couch at home and grimaces while yelling into a mobile phone in his hand.
TriageLogic A mother gives thermometer readings over the phone to an ASO while her daughter is resting in bed.

Clinical Review on the Benefit of Using Artificial Intelligence for Medical Scripting

Nonclinical operators are often the first points of contact for patient callers, yet neither the operators nor the patients are medically trained to leave accurate messages about caller symptoms. TriageLogic has developed an A.I.-based module that increases the accuracy for medical message intake, and decreases liability in managing patient calls.

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Case Study: How a Hospital System Standardized Care With Nurse Triage Software

Standardizing patient care can be difficult for larger hospital networks, particularly when it comes to telephone nurse triage. Learn how one of our clients was able to improve theirs and properly address over 150,000 patient calls using our intuitive myTriageChecklist software.

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TriageLogic A bubble chart shows the percentages of nurse triage protocols selected for patients based on their symptoms.
TriageLogic's ebook, A Provider's Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring, includes a female physician checking patient vitals on a tablet.

Press Release: TriageLogic Publishes Ebook on How to Create a Successful RPM Program

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a powerful tool for chronic care, yet many providers have found it difficult to implement. TriageLogic has released an ebook that details the common challenges these providers have faced, and the best solutions for overcoming them.

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TriageLogic in the News

TriageLogic’s Dr. Ravi Raheja Talks Nurse Triage With Jacksonville Buzz

The Jacksonville Buzz was kind enough to host Dr. Ravi Raheja for an interview about TriageLogic. Learn what our CTO had to say about the history of nurse triage, why it’s still vital to patient care, and how it could continue to evolve alongside telehealth.

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TriageLogic Dr. Ravi Raheja sits with Adrienne Houghton at a table interview with Buzz TV.
Glittering lights fall behind the tagline, "12th Annual GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Honoree."

TriageLogic Makes Honoree List for GrowFL’s 12th Annual Florida Companies to Watch

We are so excited to be among the top 50 honorees in this year’s competition. Learn more about the history of GrowFL, how it was conceived by the Edward Lowe Foundation, and why we think TriageLogic made the cut.

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Press Release: TriageLogic Announces SOC 2 Type 2 Certification for Its Nurse Triage Software

This year marked the successful completion of our SOC 2 certification. Learn why this is so important to the security of healthcare data, and how it relates to the software, services, and solutions that we offer.

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TriageLogic A triage nurse reviews secure patient data on her laptop as part of SOC 2 certification.
TriageLogic Triage nurses coordinate with medical answering services from their partitioned desks in a medical call center.

Press Release: TriageLogic Offers New Artificial Intelligence Tool for Medical Messages

TriageLogic’s new A.I.-based module, MedMessage Assist, helps nonclinical operators obtain all of the information triage nurses need in order to correctly prioritize their callbacks. Learn how it works, and why it’s the most versatile medical message intake tool on the market.

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