TriageLogic A triage nurse reviews secure patient data on her laptop as part of SOC 2 certification.

Press Release: TriageLogic Announces SOC 2 Type 2 Certification for Its Nurse Triage Software

SOC 2 certification represents the highest degree of excellence in data systems and operations control. Certification comes in two stages: an initial audit of a company’s data safeguards and a second audit that occurs at least six months or later to verify these safeguards are operating correctly. TriageLogic, a healthcare organization that specializes in nurse triage, nurse telehealth, and remote patient monitoring (RPM), is proud to be working on the completion of its SOC 2 certification. 

The Purpose

SOC 2 isn’t simply a nice-to-have feature in data security. Because ransomware attacks have doubled in the last two years, it’s now an essential component for patient data protection and management. That’s why TriageLogic has been working diligently to complete this process, while continuing to offer healthcare providers secure, HIPAA-compliant nurse triage services and telehealth software for doctors’ offices.

TriageLogic’s Nurse Triage Software

TriageLogic considers SOC 2 certification an essential benchmark for ensuring peace of mind for doctors’ offices and hospital systems when it comes to the management and security of their patient data.That includes TriageLogic’s nurse triage software, MyTriageChecklist, which is available to license to medical organizations directly, or used with TriageLogic’s outsourced service, Nurse Triage On Call. This software provides nurses an intuitive solution for evaluating patient symptoms over the phone. Using the gold-standard of nurse triage protocols developed by Drs. Schmitt and Thompson, nurses can evaluate symptom severity and provide patients with dispositions regarding the most appropriate level of care to seek. This software is available for provider practices, health plans, and hospitals

According to TriageLogic’s CTO, Dr. Ravi Raheja, “More than ever, the security and safekeeping of protected health information (PHI) have been a concern in healthcare. We are excited to provide an additional layer of security and trust to our clients and partners.”

Benefits of MyTriageChecklist

MyTriageChecklist meets the following criteria for managing patient data and upholding the trust principles of SOC 2 certification:

  • A secure, HIPAA-compliant private cloud.
  • An intuitive user interface.
  • Permits customized orders and paths to care.
  • Ensures consistent, effective care for every patient interaction.
  • Offers compatibility with existing healthcare systems and EMRs.

Demo MyTriageChecklist

TriageLogic recognizes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to nurse triage. That’s why TriageLogic emphasizes the ability to customize and track changes within proprietary software, while still maintaining standards for HIPAA data compliance. Any healthcare providers that would like to test this software with their own staff are encouraged to contact TriageLogic to schedule a demonstration.

About TriageLogic

TriageLogic is a URAC-accredited, physician-led provider of top-quality nurse telehealth technology, remote patient monitoring, and medical call center solutions. Founded in 2007, the TriageLogic Group now serves more than 9,000 physicians and covers over 25 million lives nationwide.

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