Why Daytime Triage Protocols for Patient Phone Calls Improves Value-Based Care

It’s Monday morning and one of your nurses receives a phone call from a patient who complains of lower back pain. The nurse documents all of the patient’s symptoms – numbness in left leg, possibly running a fever, pain in the abdomen – and finally decides to tell the 65-year-old patient to come into the office today. Did the nurse triage correctly? Did the nurse make the best decision that standardized protocols would recommend for those symptoms? 

Since nurses come from many different training backgrounds that can produce varied triaging, having specific daytime protocols for patient phone calls is vital to your patient’s health. It will vastly improve your value-based care, since all your current and future nurses will be following the same protocols.

TriageLogic® has two daytime protocol solutions available: myTriageChecklist Office and myTriageChecklist Call Center. Both products use the Gold Standard Schmitt-Thompson Protocols, work with paper charts or your existing EMR, and have a backup server with no downtime, among many other benefits.

The myTriageChecklist Office solution is a stand-alone, web based telephone nurse triage software to triage and document patient phone calls when your office is open. In addition to the benefits above, this solution can be up and running in 30 minutes, provide reports and analytics, and includes unlimited training by a nurse manager. You also have free access to our Triage Nurse Learning Center.

The myTriageChecklist Call Center version is more robust as it allows you to easily incorporate triage protocols without buying a whole new system. With this module, you can provide your patients with value-based care advice while improving call time averages. It will convert an EMR into a clinical triage call center platform for 24/7 usage. This software includes additional triage protocols to cover patients whether the office is open or closed and allows you to add custom orders.

It’s easy how these two daytime protocol solutions work:

  1. Patient calls, and the nurse enters symptom keywords to quickly access the correct protocol
  2. Nurse uses protocol checklist to ask all the right questions and direct patient to appropriate level of care
  3. As the nurse handles the call, the telephone triage system documents all the details

Your patient value-based care will vastly improve as these two products give consistent telephone assessment and care advice, work with your existing EMR, are web-based with secure backup server protection, and have free training with a triage nurse manager.

TriageLogic maintains one of the most sophisticated nurse triage services in the US. Please contact our dedicated care team to learn more about the myTriageChecklist solutions.

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