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TriageLogic Offers Services to Help Triage Call Centers Optimize Their Growth

The demand for triage nurses is constantly growing, as is the opportunity for nurses to grow their nurse triage call center. The main challenge nurse triage services encounter is maintaining their services and handling the administrative burdens of business growth. If that includes yours, TriageLogic wants to help you overcome these obstacles and scale your operations through our managed nurse triage services program. It allows you to focus on what you do best — overseeing your nurses and clinical supervisors — while we handle the day-to-day operations. What all does this entail? Read on to learn the top reasons why you need a managed nurse triage call center.

Reason 1: IT Support

The healthcare industry continues to top the charts when it comes to experiencing cybercrime, which not only hurts providers and their contractors, but also worsens patient care and mortality. In an effort to curb ransomware attacks and their damage to patient health, revenue, data, and reputations, organizations must invest in better IT support. Doing this internally can be quite expensive depending on what changes are needed, which is why outsourcing this management may be preferable.

TriageLogic received its SOC 2 Type 2 report, is HIPAA compliant, and offers 24/7 support for its contact center software. We also offer secure browser deployment, integrated phone systems, and nurse assistance.

Looking for additional methods of protecting your data with your in-house team? Check out our article on Cybersecurity Best Practices for Healthcare, Telehealth, and Nurse Triage

Reason 2: Hiring and Onboarding

Depending on your bandwidth and employee turnover, you may find it difficult to find enough nurses to manage your patient calls. If you confirm your job advertisements, TriageLogic will screen and pass along qualified candidates that meet your requirements. We’ll also manage your nurse and clinical onboarding processes according to your specific business model, and provide new members with the appropriate access they’ll need for your tools and services. 

Reason 3: Scheduling

Are you having difficulty scheduling enough nurses to meet patient call volume? Without the appropriate analytics, it’s easy to have too few or too many nurses manning phones at one time — at best, spending more resources than you need, and at worst, potentially delaying care for patients who need immediate help but experience long wait times.

TriageLogic offers analytics in its nurse triage software that can review your patient callers and determine: 

  • When they’re more likely to call.
  • What they’re likely to call about.
  • What nurse triage protocols are typically used to evaluate their symptoms.
  • Areas for nurse triage training improvement. 

It also documents all interactions of patient engagement in their electronic health records (EHR) and shares them directly with their providers. 

Strong analytics offer the ability to check individual work levels of telephone triage nurses, as well as compare the percentages of related protocols that they use. (One example would be COVID exposure versus COVID diagnosis.) This allows your team to check that these evaluations make sense from a clinical perspective, and to verify that these protocols were used correctly.

We’ll manage your scheduling — all you’ll need to do is approve it.

Reason 4: Training

A managed triage call center needs fully developed training that can onboard new nurses, ensure consistency from established ones, and confirm that all information shared between patients and providers is appropriate and timely. 

In our experience, that training is better when augmented with AI modules. This includes proprietary solutions we offer that help nonclinical operators ensure the accuracy of patient message intake, as well as train triage nurses on how to address a wide variety of patient calls.

Did you know? Patient message intake can have errors up to 40 percent of the time. Our solution brings that error rate down to less than one percent and improves patient satisfaction. 

Our managed call center services include monthly academic courses through our Learning Management System (LMS), access to educational material, and training checklists.

All you’ll have to do is engage with your nurses during their training to verify that they understand the material and discuss their progress.

Would you like to see training examples? Take a look at some of the free material we offer in our nurse learning center.

Reason 5: Billing and Liability

Are you concerned about billing errors and lost revenue? Our managed services will address these, too. We’ll create and send invoices on your behalf, as well as provide you with billing reports so that you’ll have a high-level, detailed overview for business intelligence.

It’s also important that your nurses have the tools they need to document all patient interactions thoroughly. Similar to doctors, triage nurses may be held liable for delayed care that leads to negative patient outcomes, making it imperative that operators are able to engage with patients in a timely, effective manner. 

Additional Benefits of a Managed Triage Call Center

Beyond what we’ve outlined above, you can also expect: 

  • Dedicated customer service support.
  • Quality assurance policies, procedures, and an automated QA system.
  • Weekly scheduled meetings with TriageLogic that includes a clinical supervisor and dedicated customer service representative.

Would You Like to Discuss a Program?

If you’ve been experiencing difficulty with any of the items listed above, we want to hear from you. Contact us when you’re ready to talk about your business, which areas you’d like to see improved, and how we can apply our call center program to meet those goals.

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