Triage Nurses Can Now Use Secure Chat With Doctors to Improve Patient Care and Efficiency

Traditional HIPAA-secure chat features require doctors to download apps to their phones and then register them before sending and receiving messages. Most of these secure messaging apps also cost anywhere from eight (8) to twelve (12) dollars per doctor on a monthly subscription. TriageLogic has taken a different approach by offering secure texting and chat for free as part of our after-hours nurse triage. Additionally, doctors are not required to download or register any type of app in order to use our chat, and can rest assured that their messages will remain confidential and meet HIPAA compliance. Here’s how our secure chat with doctors works.

How Can Texting Be Secure and HIPAA Compliant?

TriageLogic has used proprietary software to create a custom-built infrastructure from the ground up that fulfills the requirements for both SOC 2 Type 2 certification and HIPAA. Patient data is never sent over public networks, and remains encrypted while in transition or at rest.

When a provider receives an initial message from one of their nurses about a patient, our platform allows them to choose the best way to respond. The provider can either call the patient directly, call the nurse back, or chat with the nurse if a voice call is inconvenient or unnecessary. All calls are recorded for quality and training purposes, and all chats are stored securely in the chat service for reference, compliance, and liability protection. It’s worth noting that the chat exchange does not become part of the patient’s official record, but it is available in the TriageLogic system for review when needed. The system also allows doctors to chat with patients without revealing their personal phone numbers. 

Many of the doctors we contract with have already voiced their excitement about having this feature available for their on-call shifts. As one enthusiastic provider told us, “I love that I can now respond to the nurse quickly without having to make a phone call.”

Is Secure Chat Right for Your Practice?

We’re committed to providing the most sophisticated software and services to the fields of nurse triage and telehealth, which is why a secure chat with doctors has been so important to our efforts. That said, you may still wonder if such a service is relevant to your practice right now. Below are a few questions to help you evaluate whether your organization would benefit from it.

Do Your Doctors Have Difficulty Responding to Nurse Communication?

It wasn’t long ago that providers relied on pagers to know when to phone in to their practices or hospitals to respond to patients’ needs. Even though smartphones have now largely replaced them, reception can sometimes be spotty, voice calls may drop, or doctors may not be able to hear calls due to background noise. Plus, phoning nurses back can take time, as can discussing each patient’s specific symptoms. Having a secure chat option offers a streamlined, real-time solution by providing doctors the main points and information they need to address patients immediately, while giving nurses notifications that their messages were received.

Do You Use Nurse Triage?

Do you currently have a system in place for addressing patient caller questions regarding their symptoms, especially in the evening? Our triage nurses are trained to prioritize calls as nonurgent, urgent, or emergent, and respond to them within specific windows of time. Triage nurses do not provide diagnoses to patients, but instead advise them using Schmitt-Thompson protocols on the types of care providers they should see. They can also use secure text messaging to coordinate with care providers about their patients.

Note: If you need assistance with nurse triage, or would like the most up-to-date Schmitt-Thompson protocols, we can help.

Do You Experience High Call Volumes on a Regular Basis?

Practices that manage calls themselves, experience high call volumes, and frequently find themselves understaffed are often encouraged to use nurse triage software that offers high-quality data analytics. These analytics can be used to review past call performance and identify days and times when patients are most likely to call in the future, as well as what they’ll be calling about. This kind of software can also provide internal feedback on whether triage nurses are using both it and Schmitt-Thompson protocols correctly. Secure chat can add an extra layer of responsiveness and benefit phone coverage by expediting nurse-doctor communication.

Are You Concerned About Data Privacy?

It wouldn’t be surprising if you’re hesitant to adopt certain digital tools due to the consistent cybersecurity threats that the healthcare industry has faced in the last several years. That’s why TriageLogic has met all requirements for SOC 2 Type 2 certification this year, and is diligent about using HIPAA-compliant messaging and data security in all of its services. While our solutions are built to be intuitive and convenient, we don’t sacrifice safety in order to achieve them. You can click here to learn more about our recommendations for improving your own internal cyber defense for protected health information (PHI).

Start Your Own Secure Chat With Doctors

If the idea of a secure chat service sounds like one of the messaging solutions you’d like to try with your practice or hospital staff, we’re ready to assist! Contact us today to discuss a program that will relieve burdens on your staff and improve patient health outcomes.

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