Care News – Quarterly News, Updates, and Information About Remote Patient Care

In this issue of Care News, you’ll hear from our CEO Dr. Charu Raheja about the lessons we’ve learned from COVID and how we plan to move forward. You will also hear from our Medical Director Dr. Ravi Raheja about the exciting new world of remote patient monitoring. Along with a few words from our new partnership with Analog Devices, you will be updated on important information in the remote nurse triage world!

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Care News – Summer/Fall 2020

Discover how using nurse triage protocols in conjunction with doctor e-visits improves coordination of care, and allows doctors to safely delegate responsibility to their nurses. You'll also meet one of TriageLogic's telephone triage nurses and find out some trends she's seeing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Care News – Winter 2019/Spring 2020

Discover how the explosive growth of digital technologies to collect and monitor health data has led to mountains of information that need to be monitored and interpreted by medical professionals. You’ll also meet TriageLogic’s newest team member and find out how to best support patients during 911 calls.

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Care News – Winter/Spring 2019

In this edition, we highlight the new clinical updates for the Schmitt-Thompson Protocols by author, Barton Schmitt MD. This article focuses on optimizing the performance of health care systems to meet the Quadruple Aim framework. You will find tips for triage nurses to use when managing difficult callers and best practice strategies for practices interested in using a custom mobile app.

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Care News Summer – Fall 2018

This newsletter introduces Sara Brackin, TriageLogic’s Implementation Manager. Sara supervises the development of new products and solutions that help improve patient access to care. This edition of Care News also highlights articles that were recently published in magazines, such as Florida Doctor and AnswerStat. One of the most exciting announcements is that we have finished rebuilding our Learning Center.

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Care News Winter – Spring 2018

Drs. Charu and Ravi Raheja discuss how TriageLogic continues to innovate triage software and services to provide your patients with easy access to quality care. You'll also read about the release of new features for myTriageChecklist and the ability to integrate nurse triage software with Salesforce. You'll get an introduction to Chrissie Pattison, the Sales Manager for Continuwell.

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Care News Summer-Fall 2017

In this issue, Drs. Charu and Ravi Raheja discuss new products and services as well as upgraded features of the TriageLogic software, including our latest product Continuwell, the new MyTriageChecklist, and a new data report feature for our Call Center Software clients.

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Care News Winter – Spring 2017

This issue highlights the new mobile applications for My 24/7 Healthcare and Continuwell. The TriageLogic Medical Director, Dr. Ravi Raheja, discusses the new features in the updated myTriageChecklist. We feature a customer spotlight on Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and an employee spotlight on Rose Moon, our Clinical Educator and IT Support Manager.

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