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Care News – Summer 2022

Welcome to Care News! In this issue, we highlight TriageLogic’s latest secure texting tool; Charu Raheja’s recent status as an honoree for the Jacksonville Business Journal’s “Women of influence 2022”;  the continued benefits of remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs; self-care tips for healthcare professionals; and much more!

TL Care Newsletter

Letter From Our CEO: The Best New Technology for Improving Your Nurse Triage Performance

Charu Raheja, Ph.D., TriageLogic CEO

Rates of nurse burnout and turnover are both high, and the healthcare industry remains overstressed. In response, TriageLogic has developed the following tools to aid triage nurses and improve their performance.

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Letter from the Medical Director - Dr. Ravi Raheja

Letter From Our CTO: Telehealth Transformation Requires Patient Data Protection

The rise in transformative care has been met with greater instances of data hijacking and other digital threats. Here are the steps we’ve taken — and that we recommend to all telehealth nurse companies — in order to provide clients with secure, HIPAA-compliant services.

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News and Updates

Secure Texting Without an App Expedites Patient Care in Nurse Triage

Telehealth triage nurses can now communicate remotely with doctors using TriageLogic’s secure texting service. This HIPAA-compliant module only needs a browser to use — no app or software download required!

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TriageLogic Secure Texting Young female doctor wearing a white lab coat and stethoscope sits at her office desk and smiles while checking her smartphone.
A telehealth triage nurse fills out a checklist on a clipboard for patient care quality.

Checklist to Ensure Patient Care Quality in Nurse Telehealth Triage

Are you looking for ways to improve your patient care over the phone? TriageLogic offers a simple checklist you can use with your own telehealth triage nurses to ensure you have the appropriate care structure.

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How Effective is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

Healthcare providers continue to see benefits from incorporating remote patient monitoring (RPM) into their patient care management. Here’s why, and how telehealth triage nurses can help review patient data for your staff.

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An older female patient lies in bed and uses a remote patient monitoring (RPM) device to record her vitals and share them with her provider during a telehealth call on her tablet.
A mother comforts her daughter who lies on a couch with her teddy bear. The mother is on the phone with her pediatrician regarding the child's fever.

Choosing the Correct Protocol in Nurse Triage: An In-Depth Discussion of Fever Protocol

Triage nurses should only use a fever protocol when a fever is the only symptom a patient is experiencing. Here’s how Schmitt-Thompson protocols can be used to determine the appropriate disposition for care.

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Employee Spotlight – Rose Moon, RN, BSN

Rose Moon has served as TriageLogic’s Clinical Education and Call Center IT Support Manager for over nine (9) years. Learn more about her story, how she became an integral part of our team, and what excites her most about the future of telehealth nurse triage.

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Headshot of TriageLogic's CEO, Charu Raheja.

Charu Raheja Named One of JBJ’s “Women of Influence 2022”

Congratulations to Charu Raheja, TriageLogic’s CEO, for being named one of the Jacksonville Business Journal’s “Women of Influence 2022”! In this article, she shares why TriageLogic has been so successful for improving patient health, her personal experiences that have shaped her perspective on nurse triage, and her excitement for the future of healthcare innovation.

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Self-Care Tips for Physicians, Telehealth Triage Nurses, and Office Managers

It’s all too common for physicians, nurses, and office managers to neglect their own wellness for the sake of their patients. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-follow self-care tips that they can use to alleviate stress and discomfort.

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A doctor wearing hospital scrubs and a stethoscope forms a heart shape with their gloved hands over their heart.
A mother comforts her child while sitting together on a couch. The mother checks a thermometer while the child is wrapped in a blanket and holds their hand to their mouth as they cough.

How a Telehealth Triage Nurse Determines if a Child’s Cough Is a Concern

Most people, especially new parents, view a child’s cough as a health concern. Here’s how a triage nurse determines whether one is serious enough to warrant medical attention.

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