Telephone triage nurse talking with patient and connecting them to telehealth

Helping Doctors Set Up Telehealth Visits with Remote Telephone Triage Nurses

The outbreak of COVID has caused many doctor’s offices and patients to make medical visits via telehealth. These telehealth solutions include screening and ordering tests for patients. However, as practices and hospitals adapt to the surge in telehealth visits, they also need to consider the processes necessary to make the system efficient. Remote resources like telephone triage nurses can help save time by collecting vital patient information, such as the main symptom that caused the call. In addition, nurses can set up telehealth appointments for the next day for non-urgent visits, or contact the doctor if a visit needs to take place sooner. This kind of safe and efficient delegation allows doctors to manage time better. 

Currently, doctors are finding that the process of getting patient information and establishing the visit over the phone is taking longer than their regular office hours. In a brick-and-mortar office visit for example, doctors depend on nurses to collect information about the reason for the visit and prepare the patient for the visit with any materials needed. However, doctors are having to collect much of that information on their own when they perform a telehealth visit. Moreover, practices are often finding that there is a delay in starting the phone call because the patient needs help getting on the telehealth platform. 

Similarly to office nurses, telephone triage nurses collect patient symptoms, the reason for the call, and any relevant history. They provide related educational material as needed as well, which allows the patient’s telehealth visit to be less frustrating. The nurses assure patients when the patient is worried during a non-emergency event and condition. The interaction with the patient is then relayed to a doctor. Doing this ensures that the doctor already has critical information before seeing the patient. 

Putting remote triage nurses in conjunction with telehealth doctor’s visits can provide a seamless remote experience for patients. Triage nurses can collect the pertinent information, educate the patient for the telehealth visit, and set up a telehealth visit on behalf of the doctor. With the technology available today, it’s entirely possible to have a fully remote patient care for visits that can be handled via telehealth.

TriageLogic allows nurses to communicate with physicians and set up two-way video visits using secure, HIPAA compliant texting options that do not require the use of a mobile application. This allows them to set up and coordinate telehealth visits for doctors instead of in-person visits. The workflow can be set up so that non-clinical staff, nurses, and doctors integrate with any client’s EMR. Because nurses consolidate important information into the nurse triage software, it gives the doctors a perfect snapshot of the issue. Like notes in a chart at a physical office, basic patient information, the protocols used, and nurse notes can be used as a quick reference for the physician prior to the telehealth visit.

TriageLogic has partnered with telehealth companies to successfully triage patients, schedule telehealth appointments for them with their doctors, and safely guide them to the best care possible. A remote telephone triage nurse is a logical first step in the process of telehealth that can save time and allow doctors to use their time efficiently. 

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