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Case Study: Health System Sees the Benefits of Nurse Triage On Call

As health systems grow, they may find it difficult to treat patient calls and requests equally across all providers in their network. This is where telephone nurse triage programs can be extremely beneficial, including the one we implemented for a large health system in the Midwest. Here’s why they chose our outsourced solution, Nurse Triage On Call.

Our Health System Client

Our client came to us roughly seven years ago because they saw the need for standardizing patient dispositions over the phone. They were intrigued by Nurse Triage On Call for a couple of reasons: first, how it relied on Schmitt-Thompson protocols to determine the severity of each patient’s symptoms; and second, how it acted as an extension of the health system itself, offering a seamless transition of patient data to their providers. Now that the health system boasts over 20 urgent care centers and hospitals, while receiving more than 200,000 physician and ER visits per year, it’s even more important that their patients have access to the best nurse advice on the level of care they should seek.

How Nurse Triage On Call Works

When patient calls are answered through our Nurse Triage On Call service, they are treated as if they’re speaking directly with the health system or provider that sees them. Our medical call center is manned by registered nurses who are trained in the best ways to engage with patients over the phone, and are strictly vetted for their medical knowledge and expertise. As they speak with patients, they utilize Schmitt-Thompson triage protocols to evaluate all symptoms those callers are experiencing. This information is documented thoroughly within our proprietary triage software, TriageLogic Call Center Solution, before being shared directly with the appropriate providers.

Why Nurse Triage On Call Is So Important

Some health systems may find it difficult to answer all of their patient calls in a timely manner, either due to staffing shortages, unpredictable call volumes, or other factors. Having dedicated 24/7 nurse triage means that someone is always available to help your patients understand their symptoms and answer any questions they may have. This ensures that they see the appropriate medical providers, rather than potentially going to the ER for symptoms that home care could manage, or avoiding care for something that’s more serious.

Having a standardized system to evaluate symptoms is also a huge advantage for any nurse team. The triage protocols developed by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson are considered the gold standard in this industry, and with good reason: they ask the appropriate questions to determine how severe each patient’s symptoms are, accounting for all potential health factors. This keeps triage nurses focused on a linear progression of steps, avoids any overlooked symptoms that patients may have failed to mention, and keeps nurses within their scope of practice.

As a result, Nurse Triage On Call is a powerful way to reduce a health system’s liability while simultaneously improving patient health outcomes and boosting revenue.

Nurse Triage Benefits for Our Client

Since our partnership with this health system began, we’ve successfully managed phone triage for over 126,000 calls, freeing up our clients’ nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals to focus on the immediate needs of their in-person appointments. Further, our nurses’ thorough documentation has also reduced their liability and ensured continuity of patient care. 

We’re grateful for the opportunity to aid this health system using Nurse Triage On Call, as well as the possibility of new services yet to come.

Additional Services

TriageLogic has been fortunate to have such a talented and successful team. Thanks to our nurses, we’ve been able to expand our triage services into other vital areas of health care, including remote patient monitoring (RPM) and medical message intake for nurse triage answering services. You can learn more about both in these respective articles:

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Do You Need Nurse Triage Support?

Is your health system or provider office in need of nurse triage support? We offer several solutions besides our call center service, including Schmitt-Thompson protocols and our standalone nurse triage software. Contact us when you’re ready to talk about a program. 

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