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Conversation With Our CEO and CTO: Revolutionize Your Telehealth Experience With Cutting-Edge Tools in 2024

TriageLogic is releasing several new and exciting tools to improve all areas of telehealth in your organization: medical scripting for nonclinical staff, simulated nurse triage training, automated triage assistance with history note taking, and automated quality oversight, to name a few. In addition, nurse triage notes can be integrated with all major electronic medical record (EMR) systems, including EPIC, Cerner, and Athena. TriageLogic’s product lines — such as NTOC (Nurse Triage On-Call) and MTC (MyTriageChecklist) — will now provide two-way integration with qualified clients. All new product lines are built upon this integration framework. 

This work represents TriageLogic’s commitment to advancing healthcare delivery and patient outcomes through innovative technology and efficient data use. Below, we discuss details of this cutting-edge technology to assist you in all of your telehealth needs. 

TriageLogic’s New Product Lineup

Our team is excited to announce new products that offer additional support during patient calls and relieve the administrative burdens on clinical staff. These solutions benefit patient interactions during medical message intake, triage history collection, and nurse triage quality assurance.

1. Medical Scripting for Nonclinical Operators: MedMessage Assist™ (MMA)

Patients inaccurately report symptoms over 35% of the time, which can lead to a delay in care. By guiding operators to ask the right questions, medical messages can now be over 99 percent accurate. This ensures that operators collect all of the necessary information that triage nurses will need to identify the urgency of patient symptoms, as well as respond to them in the appropriate windows of time.

MedMessage Assist syncs with any existing platform used by your call center or front desk. It works by using intelligent medical scripting that analyzes the text that operators type, then prompts them to ask additional questions for symptoms that need clarification. 

If you’re curious about what this could look like for your practice, consider these real cases we’ve reviewed where MMA scripting had phone operators ask additional questions that revealed important medical concerns.

MedMessage Assist™ Examples

Initial Entry by the Operator

Additional Information Added by MedMessage Assist

Patient Disposition by
Triage Nurse

Back and stomach pain

Patient is pregnant, with No urination for 8+ hours

Go to Labor and Delivery Now

Pain in leg and hip

Chest pain

Call EMS 911 Now

Prescription refill for vertigo

Possible weakness or numbness of the arm, leg or face

Call EMS 911 Now

Want to test out MedMessage Assist in your office? Click here for a free 3-month trial!

2. Automate Accurate Medical History Note Taking

As part of their training, triage nurses need to document accurate patient history so that physicians can make informed decisions on care. TriageLogic’s History Assist is a tool designed to aid them in gathering comprehensive patient information efficiently. This includes past medical history, a review of systems, and specific questions related to each patient’s current symptoms.

By streamlining the information collection process, History Assist simplifies the training of nurses who handle phone calls and ensures a standardized approach. This tool supports the use of triage protocols, enabling nurses to make informed decisions about the most appropriate patient dispositions. In short, History Assist enhances the efficiency and accuracy of nurse triage operations.

This product line can be integrated with any EPIC system with triage protocols, or TriageLogic can provide the protocols if the client has not already purchased them. 

To see this solution in action, please schedule a free consultation with our clinical staff! 

3. Automatic QA Scoring for Triage Nurses

Quality assurance is a crucial aspect of nursing care, to include telephone triage. However, given the high volume of triage calls, it becomes challenging for nurse managers or administrators to review each call to assess accuracy and performance thoroughly. 

Typically, a call center or healthcare organization might only review about three calls per nurse each month out of several hundred. This sample size needs to be bigger to identify trends or provide meaningful feedback.

To solve this challenge, TriageLogic has created QA Assist, a revolutionary platform designed to evaluate the guidance provided by nurses during patient interactions. It utilizes proprietary, patent-pending software to compare the dispositions determined by nurses to those recommended by the triage process. With QA Assist, organizations can generate reports evaluating around 70% of a nurse’s triage notes at any time. 

This comprehensive data analysis enables management teams to identify each nurse’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as specific areas for improvement. Consequently, this tool is instrumental in enhancing nurses’ triage skills, ensuring higher standards of patient care and efficiency in telephone triage services.

4. Reduced Costs for Nurse Triage

If your practice focuses on endocrinology, cardiology, or internal medicine, you can offset the cost of triage by enrolling qualified patients in our comprehensive remote patient monitoring (RPM) program. This turnkey solution improves patient follow-up and health management by recording regular vitals remotely and reviewing them with our expert nursing staff.

Reimbursements from Medicare can help offset the costs of your after-hours nurse triage program. We can do a free evaluation to see if you qualify and how the program will benefit you.

5. Direct Integration for Telephone Messages and Triage Notes With Your EMR

With the sophisticated integration platform that we are releasing, we can look up patient data using secure connections provided by your EMR company (FHIR APIs). We connect to all major electronic medical record (EMR) systems, including EPIC, Cerner, and Athena. This allows our nurses to have up-to-date information about your patients when we triage them, and place all the encounters in your EMR with real-time, two-way integration. 

Let’s Talk About Your Patient Care

Every tool and service that we develop at TriageLogic has one primary goal in mind: to guide patients to the appropriate care in the appropriate windows of time. The same applies to medical message intake, patient documentation, and nurse triage quality assurance. 

It’s worth noting that all of the solutions we’ve discussed are standalone modules, meaning that they don’t require any additional software to work with your existing system. They’re also self-teaching, HIPAA compliant, and protected by robust cyber defense.

We hope you’ll connect with us to schedule your own free demo of one or more of these solutions, and we look forward to sharing more exciting advancements this year!

About TriageLogic

TriageLogic is a URAC-accredited, physician-led provider of top-quality nurse telehealth technology, remote patient monitoring, and medical call center solutions. Founded in 2007, the TriageLogic Group now serves more than 22,000 physicians and covers over 42 million lives nationwide.

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