What is the True Cost of Inaccurate Medical Messages?

According to Gilman & Bedigian, LLC, a law firm that specializes in medical malpractice, the 3 biggest factors that lead to lawsuits are: 

1. Operators not sending critical messages to the doctor immediately

2. Failing to make appropriate documentation

3. Sending inaccurate data to the doctor

MedMessage Assist™ is a new tool to help your operators relay more accurate medical messages and improve medical service requests.*

Ensure that your operators indicate urgent calls more accurately.

  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Decrease Training Time 

*Patent Pending 

How It Works

Key Features

Special Features

“Some patients may call saying that they need a prescription refill and fail to mention they have more serious symptoms. If the answering service doesn’t specifically ask, the provider may assume it is a routine priority call. TriageLogic has now launched an AI-based tool for answering services. The AI software prompts answering service staff to ask a few additional relevant questions, and ensures that the intake better reflects the severity of the symptoms.”
– Rose Moon, RN, BSN – Director of Nursing

Medical Contact Center Augmented Intelligence

  • Evaluates text entered by an operator and prompts them as needed.
  • Minimum training and intake time added.
  • Self-standing and integrated options available.
  • Decreases medical liability and ensures patient care.
  • Increases provider satisfaction and retention. 
"Improve patient care while increasing revenue"
Triagelogic Headshot of Ravi Raheja
Ravi Raheja, MD

Are Your Providers Looking for Nurse Telehealth?

  • All dispositions made using Schmitt-Thompson protocols.
  • Custom instructions allow nurses to become an extension of your practice.
  • Nurses send HIPAA-compliant texts to your MDs.
  • URAC accredited.