CEO of TriageLogic Nominated for International Award

The 20 Successful Businesswomen To Look for in 2018

Founder and CEO of the TriageLogic Group, Doctor Charu Raheja, was recently named “The 20 Successful Business Women To Look for 2018” in the most recent edition of Mirror Review magazine. In the article, Charu discusses her journey with starting TriageLogic, and how her challenges have helped her run a successful telehealth business. According to Charu, “My success and the success of our company stems from staying ahead of demand and developing innovative solutions that improve people’s health while saving costs.”

Charu Raheja represented the qualities Mirror Review wanted to highlight in their businesswomen 2018 featured issue. She has impacted the lives of many individuals with TriageLogic’s innovative call center software solutions and caring and dedicated nurse triage on- call services. In the article, Charu shares her journey of starting TriageLogic Group and how it has changed the healthcare community. TriageLogic provides telehealth services to some of the largest hospitals around the United States. Clients include Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Franciscan Alliance, and Intermountain Healthcare. A personal tragedy led Charu to expand the TriageLogic Group to develop the Continuwell brand. Continuwell provides employees with better access to their companies resources, improves employee wellness, and saves on health care costs. 24/7 health ambassadors engage employees with company resources and ensure they are healthy.

What is “The 20 Successful Businesswomen to Look For 2018”?

Over the last two decades, women from across all different backgrounds have contributed to the market of technology and business industries and their contributions have increased female executive growth within the workplace. However, female contributions are often left unrecognized.

“The 20 Successful Businesswomen to Look For 2018” was a spotlight created to showcase the extraordinary talents of diverse women within the entrepreneurial industry. Mirror Review wanted to recognize and feature some of the most innovative business women of today. The magazine issue featured top influential businesswomen and their stories. Businesswomen such as Karen Boers (Co-founder & MD of, Yunha Kim (Founder & CEO of SimpleHabit) and many others were featured. Among these women, Charu Raheja, founder of TriageLogic Group, was captured for her inspiring work.

About Mirror Review Magazine

Mirror Review focuses on successful companies and entrepreneurs. They create high-quality content in the intersection of technology and business. Mirror Review has a mission to inform industries of the innovate technology happening today, and how this technology can transform companies. They keep their readers informed on the latest technological sectors and how the performance of major industries such as Software, Education, and Health.

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