COVID Vaccine Protocols

The Gold Standard Schmitt-Thompson Protocols Get Updated With COVID Vaccine Guidelines

As the COVID-19 vaccine begins to roll out to larger segments of the population, providers may see an increase in calls to their nurse triage lines from patients who receive the vaccine. In most states, health care providers and people over the age of 65 are now eligible to receive the vaccine. Millions of Americans are expected to receive the injection in the coming weeks. This immunisation is highly effective at preventing the spread of COVID and saving patient lives. 

According to the CDC, patients may experience side-effects after receiving a dose, which is a normal sign of the body building protection against the disease. Side effects may be more severe after the second dose of the vaccine. Common side effects include pain at the injection site, fever, chills, tiredness, and headache. In most cases these side effects are normal and will resolve on their own. However, as vaccines are widely distributed to millions of people across the country, nurse triage lines may see an increase in calls from patients who are experiencing side effects. 

Doctors Schmitt and Thompson have updated their clinical content to provide new COVID protocols for triage nurses. They are also now providing triage protocols for the COVID vaccine. TriageLogic is offering these vaccine protocols for free to doctor’s offices and hospitals. Protocols allow providers to efficiently triage those who may have concerns about the virus or the vaccine, and they provide consistent care and reduce the burden on the healthcare system. 

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