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TriageLogic’s Dr. Charu Raheja Featured in Florida 500

TriageLogic is excited to announce that its CEO, Dr. Charu Raheja, has been selected by the Florida 500 as one of the most influential executives in the state. As noted on its website, the purpose behind the Florida 500 is to provide recognition for business leaders through an “immense, year-long research initiative by the editors of Florida Trend.” Read on to learn more about this selection process, Charu’s efforts in the community, and her outlook on the evolution of patient care.

Florida 500 Selection Process

When it comes to consideration, the Florida 500 says that it doesn’t look at “big titles and big organizations” — but rather, it evaluates the impact that a business has beyond itself, with a “high premium on community service and philanthropy.” 

When she isn’t spearheading efforts to improve nurse triage, Charu serves on the board of the local American Heart Association. This role often involves volunteer work with events and fundraising, as well as educational efforts that benefit heart and brain health for women. 

She is also a patient facilitator for a stroke survivor group at Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, where she meets with patients to talk about recovery and access to care.

Charu Is Equally Proud of TriageLogic’s Commitment to Care

Along with her volunteer efforts, Charu is proud to offer free access to nurse triage services from TriageLogic for local nonprofit organizations, including those that aid victims of sex trafficking.

“The decisions and products in healthcare deeply affect human lives and well-being,” she said. “I truly believe that the most successful people in healthcare are those with a mission to help people, not to make money.” 

She feels this is reflected in the evolution of her company, which has grown to a fully staffed medical call center that now supports 22,000 physicians and covers 42 million lives nationwide.

When it comes to improving patient access to care, both from providers and through volunteer work, Charu thinks that technology will continue to play a major role.  “The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wakeup call, highlighting the necessity for an improved public health infrastructure,” she said. TriageLogic experienced this firsthand in the patient calls that they fielded during those first few months of the pandemic, where patients were unsure about their symptoms and whether or not they should go to the ER

Having the ability to evaluate patient symptoms over the phone and direct them to the appropriate care in the appropriate windows of time has always been TriageLogic’s focus. 

Charu Highlights TriageLogic’s Technology Solutions

When asked about what she thinks of current trends in the medical industry, Charu reiterated technological transformation with the example of remote patient monitoring (RPM). Patients now have access to wearable devices that continuously monitor their vitals and share that data directly with their providers. This creates an early warning system that identifies potential complications before they negatively affect those patients, particularly those who are struggling with chronic disease.

It is worth noting that RPM does require certain cybersecurity measures for the safety of patient data, as well as sufficient staff within a practice to review that information. But an effective program of this sort offers a revolutionary means of improving patient care and health outcomes.

TriageLogic is also proud to offer technology solutions for medical message intake, nurse triage training, and nurse triage quality assurance.

Learn More About Florida 500

Would you like to read more about Charu and the other executives who made it on this year’s list? Set up a free account on the Florida 500’s website, or choose the option to order your own print copy. Visitors will also find an option to place their own nominations for 2024.

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