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TriageLogic’s CEO and CTO Join Florida Leadership Organizations

TriageLogic is excited to announce that its CEO, Dr. Charu Raheja, and its CTO, Dr. Ravi Raheja, have both been accepted into leadership programs for the state of Florida. Read on to learn more about each organization, its purpose, and what Charu and Ravi have planned based on these opportunities.

Charu Raheja to Participate in Cornerstone

The Cornerstone Class is part of Leadership Florida, an organization that aims to “continually discover and convene committed individuals, enhancing and recharging their leadership skills by introducing them to a powerful community through whom they find knowledge and inspiration.”

Cornerstone’s purpose is to offer seasoned leaders a nine-month educational program that takes them to different cities throughout the state. Each stop allows them to meet with leading experts and discuss statewide factors like history, demography, diversity, and the needs of each community.

As Leadership Florida notes, completion of the Cornerstone Class isn’t a one-and-done deal. Those who participate are able to secure network membership, which involves “regular regional and statewide meetings to facilitate continuing issues-oriented education, advanced leadership training, networking, and the opportunity for members to work together toward shared goals.”

When asked about her selection for the class, Charu Raheja noted, 

I am excited to develop a stronger connection with other leaders in the state of Florida, learn about pressing issues in the state, and use my knowledge in finance and healthcare to help with programs for our communities. I am also excited to meet other like-minded executives. 

Ravi Raheja to Join Leadership Jacksonville Board

Leadership Jacksonville was formed back in 1976 “to stimulate the growth of leadership” for the city, and has since carried on that legacy by “educat[ing], connect[ing] and inspir[ing] diverse leaders to build and strengthen their communities.”

Its “programs explore the dynamics of Jacksonville, [analyze] major areas of concern,” improve leadership capacity, and “promote a strong network of community trustees.” Program topics range from “[in-depth] reviews of Jacksonville history, local government and political insight, economic development, business outlook, technology growth, local education, environmental sustainability, [the] arts, infrastructure, poverty, growth forecast, health care issues and much more.” 

As part of the board, Ravi intends to use his knowledge of medicine and healthcare technology to help with social determinants of health and education around the northeast Florida region. He plans to work with other members in three major areas: 

  1. Internally, to oversee the budget, give input on program content, and assist with planning program days. 
  2. Within the community, by creating awareness about the Leadership Jacksonville organization, as well as nominating qualified candidates and recruiting future board members.
  3. Through fundraising, whether personally or through his network, to raise money to support the program.

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