Telephone Triage Nurses Improve Health Outcomes for Patients Using Digital Health

New technologies are transforming how clinicians deliver healthcare. Advances in digital healthcare technology, including personal health apps, sensors, and cloud-based storage, are becoming essential to engage patients and help them make healthy decisions. With the increased use of these tools, consumer expectations of health services are changing. More Americans are seeking health care anytime, anywhere, on any device. This is benefiting both the patients and the providers. For patients, it means better customized care and ease in accessing healthcare. For providers, it means better ability to manage chronic health conditions and provide value based care.

At the same time, digital solutions alone are not enough to help patients. Incorporating some human component increases patient compliance and education, thus further reducing health care costs. At TriageLogic, we are adopting our software and increasing the role of triage nurses to complement traditional care settings. 

TriageLogic is working on new solutions to enable remote monitoring, assist with care coordination for self-care and family care virtually anywhere, and follow up with patient’s post-discharge to decrease readmissions. Our soon to be released, My 24/7 Healthcare™ mobile application, allows us to connect with wearable devices and engage patients more effectively. The My 24/7 Healthcare mobile application has a customizable interface to adapt to the needs of specific chronic care patients. We are also developing the nursing workforce of the future to use mobile and other technologies to support healthcare delivery.

In addition to helping patients comply with standard care for their chronic health conditions, wearable devices are also able to gather information that goes beyond standard home care. 

While the devices can collect and transmit data and even have a certain threshold for emergency situations, a medical professional still needs to interpret the data and then direct patients toward the next steps based not only on the data, but also in the context of their symptoms and current health status. We are now working with medical experts to interpret the data from devices and develop protocols for triage nurses to assist patients with chronic care. 

Check out the letter from our medical director, Dr. Ravi Raheja, on features of our upcoming software and services to help you in managing your patient care and increasing revenue from your value based care programs.

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